BJP Kupwara District President Held for Fake Firing Incident

Manjil Das, INN/Chennai
Twitter-@SGiggle29 @Infodeaofficial

Mohammed Shafi, the President of Kupwara’s Bhartiya Janta Party, was suspended from the festival and detained in Kupwara by police in the wake of a fire. Shafi had been further arrested by the police, combined with two other staff members, and arrested for interrogation by two security guards.

The BJP guys’ failed attempt to improve their safeguards in addition to “more emphasis” from the celebratory management was uncovered by the police probe after the Gulgam Kupwara fire on 16 July.

The police and Ishfaq Ahmad Mir detained two people who had sustained injuries in the event. The BJP district president in Kupwara is his father, Mohammad Shafi, and following the drama, his father has already been put under suspension from the ceremony.

The BJP North Kashmir Secretary General said that the celebration wanted Shafi’s evidence of the incident in which his kid was reportedly wounded.

The celebration will also be organised to provide you with a report by July 25 by a team led by G A Mir, the spokesperson.

The arrest of Ishfaq Ahmad and Bhasrata Ahmad Bashrat, spokespersons for the Kupwara BJP, was verified by a high-ranking policeman on news18.


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