Comparison between Graduate and Under-Graduate Job Profiles

Pratik Verma, INN/Hyderabad

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The globally fast emerging world everyone focusing on the jobs and still searching for a good job profile to work with. There are certainly two category of people we are specifically talking about first the under graduates and the graduates. The jobs profiles for both of them and the packages information regarding the jobs.

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 An Under-graduate is a student is the one who has not yet got his degree and still perusing his/her degree course, whereas a graduate student is the one who has completed his/her degree and completed perusing his course. The career options for both the categories are very different from each-other in many cases, it can be based on the experience and professionalism of the students.

As for the under graduates, the job profiles start from a very basic level and doesn’t have much responsible work and according to that the candidates are getting a very low pay but at the initial for a student it is a good start. Generally, at this time period most of the students go for the internships to gain the knowledge and have some experience in the practical field work and also to have a proper certification of experience. Nowadays companies also want their employees to be an experienced person so they do not have to invest extra time to teach them the basics. The more experienced a candidate is the better pay he will get.

The graduates are more likely expected to be an experienced professional with a proper certification. The students from the IT fields are more likely to expect a good job because of the reputation of the institution after they get graduated. But still, this is a myth that every graduate gets a job otherwise there won’t be any unemployment. India has a record of producing most numbers of engineers in the world. The jobs start from a middle level where you are expected to do all the work and have your responsibility for all your work. Due to the much complex work as compared to the under- graduated students the candidates are getting a much higher pay and can expect a permanent job. The possibilities for the government jobs also widens up exams like AFCAT, CDS, IAS, CJL, GATE and many other exams like that.

There are still many fields for fresher as well as for the graduates where they can work without any biased environment and the perfection of work will get them a  good pay. Companies like Google , Amazons, Facebook and many other big firms don’t ask for a good degree but they ask for a good skill set. If you are perusing your degree and not yet graduated then you can go for internships in these companies the internships can be free and can be paid too depending upon the choice of course. A golden opportunity for the graduates if they are good with the skills, they can apply in these companies and get their permanent jobs with a very high level of salary and many more benefits.

A general piece of advice to all the students out there that don’t focus on the degree but more on your skills and develop them, this will get you to the greater hights.

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