Applied communications is here to stay

By- S. Ganesh, INN/Chennai,  @Infodeaofficial

S. Ganesh – Faculty – Electronic Media & Visual Communication, HCAS

Every government wants to carry their message of people oriented welfare schemes to the masses so as to usher in a sense of well being in the latter, and for this they make use of the concept of applied communications through which decisions made by the top officials are communicated to the lower officials at the ground level.

Eminent applies communication experts such as Dr Gerald V Flannery have written hugely on the topic, in India the various schemes of the present government and that of the past were and being now implemented through tools such as applies communications and has done a world of good to control brain drain…

In the western hemisphere countries such as USA etc the idea of applied communications is well developed and is being put into use quite effectively, In India also the government is undertaking various agricultural programmes through it and subsequently the message is spread to the people through applied communications.

Applied Communications is developing by leaps and bounds and the private sector is using the idea to advertise its product portfolio and success stories etc to its clientèle in an efficient manner.

The Indian government is using Applied Communications to push forward its schemes such as bullet train and the Narmada dam initiatives, applied communications is also used extensively in spreading awareness of crippling diseases to the masses.

With rising amounts of trade and investment all over the globe success business stories need to be told more efficiently and in a professional manner, the paradigm shifts in industrilisation has also led to the usage of applied communications.

The prevalence of the social media has added an extra dimension to the concept of applied communications and has put it in a different platform altogether.

Telemedicine which is an offshoot of applied communications has revolitionised the concept of treatment in the rural areas and thus has made sure that treatment for rural households is not a dream anymore.

The fall of communism in the erstwhile USSR and across the globe has helped in the introduction of new age business tools such as applied communications and is a boon for the trading community all over the world.

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