Neither naivety nor education is no excuse for violence? : Acharya Mahashraman

By- Shreya Jain, INN/Chennai, Infodeaofficial 

Violence is not a human’s dignity but a barbaric act that we should avoid to the most possible way we can. Ignorance or shall i say uneducated person easily adapt the tendency of committing violence rather than those who are educated, and perhaps the main reason for these educated people is not ignorance why they do things unacceptable but the lack of spiritualism and understanding to what they have learned and acquired in school and in their own community.

Addressing the Acharya Tulsi Endowment Lecture 2018-19 at Madras University in Chennai, Eleventh Acharya Mahashraman of the Terepanth Dharma Sangh said that stupidity is also a very dangerous thing usually caused by anger that sometimes leads to violence and so it is necessary to have enough knowledge to combat the urges for unwanted and gruesome actions.

Having an education is not meant to degrade others but use it on divine purposes and practice it in a novel deeds, to share to everyone to lift their spirit up. But in today’s generation, educational knowledge is given only an importance in an educational institutions, meaning, most of these schools across the country and abroad, promises a good and better education just to provide youngsters a better position and place in this materialistic world and to get a power in the society he lives in and still up to the person how he act or impose the knowledge he had gained.

Mahashram Ji, who had worked for the upliftment of the society said the person who walks with Ahimsaa, Satya, Parigraha, is a Muni, being Muni is very difficult task. Explaining the reason behind the issue, Muni ji said that the work of the mukhvastro was to stop the killing of micro living things. Remembering the birthday of Acharya Mahapragya’s Nine Nine Birthday, he is known as the publisher of Sanskrit language, he was a good philosophical and administrative leader.

On this occasion Krishnachand Choradia, Dr. V. Vishal, syndicate member University of Madras, Dr. Priyadarshana Jain, head of the Department of Jainology, Goutam Sethia, Managing trustee, Sri Jain Shwetambar Trust, Triplicane, Sunil Sancheti, Mahaveer Sancheti, Dharmichand Lunkad, President, Acharya Shri Mahashram Chaturmas Vyavastha Samiti, Dr, Dileep Dhing and many others were present. More three thousand people participated in this event. 

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