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“TOUCH THE SKY WITH GLORY” as the motto of the Indian Airforce. Indian Airforce will give you courage, dedication and the opportunity to serve your mother land with all your heart and soul. There are many jobs in our country that might offer you great money but the Indian Airforce will give you a life, a purpose and a sentiment towards the job.

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Can you start a career In Airforce just after 12th?

Yes! You can start a career in Airforce, just after the completion of your 11th class, after the starting of the 12th class the students are eligible for the exams like Airman X and Y group, National Defence Academy (NDA).

What are the Eligibility Criteria for the Exams?

Airman X-Y group is an exam for those who want to be on a ground duty. It starts with a low pay at the starting and later goes up with the time. The eligibility criteria for the exam are from 17 ½ yrs. to 21yrs, the candidate can be of any stream. If the candidate has science stream, then he can apply for both X and Y group but the candidates from other stream (without Math) can only apply either in X group or in Y group. X group is referred to technical group where the Y group is referred as non-technical group.

The exam takes place in 3 rounds. First round is the examination where the candidate has to pass with at least of 60% of marks. The second round consist of Physical Training Test which has of a physical run of 1.6kms which the candidate has to finish in less than 7mins and 40secs, 20 push-ups, 20 sit-ups, 20 chin-ups continuously. After the candidate successfully clears the physical test. Followed by the third round, which is a complete Medical examination and candidates have to fulfill some basic criteria to pass the exam but if the candidate is failed to pass the exam the candidate will be given a time of 1month in which he has to correct the problems and can reappear for the medical again. If the candidate passed all the exam, then within the duration of 3 month the candidate will be handed-over a joining letter.

The other way to have a career in Airforce is to clear the National Defence Academy (NDA) examination which also has an eligibility criterion same as Airforce X-Y exam. The age of the candidate should be 17 ½ – 19yrs. The candidate mast be perusing 12th, The exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) once in very year. The level and the toughness of the examination can be high because of the direct entry as an officer. The candidates after passing the examination have to pass many different rounds like screening, aptitude test and many more rounds this takes a time period of around 5 days. At the end of the 5th day, the candidate gets interviewed by the board of officers and then merit list gets announced. If the candidate passed all the rounds, then within the time span of 3months the candidate gets transferred to their respective academy where they get a basic training for 3 years and later commissioned as an officer.


The salary is based on the ranks and the perks. The basic pay for an Airman starts from Rs20,000/month – Rs65,000/month with many benefits like canteen services, medical facilities and many more. Whereas the starting pay of a commissioned officer starts from Rs 55,000- Rs 2,50,000 with the many different benefits and many opportunities like Para-jumping, etc.

Indian Airforce always welcomes the young and the focused candidates to join the defence forces and get a chance to serve the nation.

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