HCAS Celebrates Gandhi Jayanthi

Hindustan College of Arts and Sciences celebrated Gandhi Jayanthi recently with all the staff and students being gathered together. The Deputy Director of Academics. Dr. VJ Philip, the Principal Dr. S.Thirumagan and Paul Diamond, a Pastor were present at the gathering.

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Pastor Diamond spoke about Jesus’ relevance and other teachings of God to mankind, while Deputy Director of Academics Dr. V. J. Philip said Gandhi’s words and deeds matches today’s politicians words. Gandhi was a man of action and words and because of him we are enjoying our freedom today. 

While the Principal Dr. S.Thirumagan narrated two cases about education, first, it emphasizes the education as Gandhi asked Kasturba what she wanted as she didn’t say anything to write but she didn’t know that he bought her slate and writing chalk. Second, he said about Raja Ram Mohan Roy who came late by 5 minutes to a meeting as Gandhi said to him, being late by 5 minutes is a freedom. He even spoke of Gandhi’s sacrifices, his dedication and mercy that made us free on eve of 150 th year of Gandhiji Jayanthi.

Mrs. Jayanthi Margaret HOD ECS department proposed a vote of thanks thanking the dignitaries and participants for making this occasion a grand success.

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