A fest themed around women empowerment

LIBA organises LIBAzaar’18 focused on innovation, market research

Textbooks are not where you can find creativity, it is the outcome of using our mind and contemplating on doing things in a different manner. This was the message delivered at LIBAzaar’18. 
Shreya Jain, INN/chennai, @shreyaj44299583, @infodeaofficial
LIBAzaar, an annual event of Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA) is a disguised market research in the cloaks of an extravagant fun-fair with an aim to elicit unbiased responses from the target segment to deal with industry related problems from corporate. 
Disguised marketing and entertainment are spun together to keep the general crowd engaged. It has also been used as a platform for pilot testing, test marketing, competitor analysis and to understand customer perception. Bisleri, Shubh, Rorito, Frappista were some of the companies lined up for research this year. Some of the other associations in LIBAzaar’18 include Hyundai, Fully Filmy, Bunge, Lime Lite Salon, Fatiz Bridal, Sthua Clothing, Shaanus.
Speaking at the one day fest organised by Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA) Latha Pandiarajan, co-founder, Ma Foi Management Consultants Pvt Ltd said events like LIBAzaar create an ideal platform to hone one’s creative skills, as they give an oppurtunity to put ones thinking process to work to bring out strategies for doing things in a better way. Developing entrepreneurship everyone must do no matter what they chose to become, a professional or a business venture owner, she said. 
An Entrepreneur is someone who has the ability to take risks and think out of the box. People who have these creative assets can certainly go up the ladder in their respective business and also as an employee. Entrepreneurship is important for both men and women. Empowerment is a need and it’s not difficult when you create the support structure and the required internal confidence. Enjoy every moment of your life because you won’t get back this time and moments.
Speaking about woman empowerment, she said it should be come within, and the rest will follow. There were lot of events held during the mega fest. The day commenced with drawing competition for children in the morning followed by DC Vs Marvel quiz competition and mime show on women empowerment. A unique fashion show (The Big, Bold and Beautiful) dazzled the audience where plus size models showcased their confidence and bold looks. 
The event finally concluded with ladies dance league (Girls Got Moves) where ‘all girls’ dance team from various colleges rocked the dance floor. LIBAzaar in collaboration with an NGO called Angels of Marina involved in a beach clean-up activity in Elliots beach, Besant Nagar. Around 100 students came together and engaged themselves in removing the non-biodegradable plastics to retain its pristine beauty. Actor Kadhir of ‘Parayarum Perumal’ fame also spoke.

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