Chroma ‘18- Amity University’s first ever Youth festival

RJ Vikas (94.3 My Fm) “I can bet this is the best youth festival of 2018.”

By: Sandhya Chauhan, @sandhya_ocea, INN, Gwalior;

Amity University Madhya Pradesh, for the very first time organized a two day youth festival for the University students on 12 th and 13 th of February 2018. The campus was draped in grace and charisma as there’s no doubt that Youth festivals refresh the minds of youngsters and provide a platform for them to showcase their inborn talent and refined skills.
Festival bear witness to an annual gathering of students from various Amity Campuses, other universities and colleges taking in loop the students from different schools. The campus was seen inhaling possibility and exhaling creativity with joyous scenes of students completely engrossed in the festivities and events around them.
Be it dance, music, quiz, photography, literary events or participating and showcasing talent in a cultural extravaganza or putting forth students’ competitive spirit through sports, Chroma ‘18 had it all.
Chroma 18’ turned out to be an unforgettable experience as it was designed a bit differently from other campus happenings. The games, events and themes put forth in this festival proved to be much more enthralling and fun adding more humor and glee to the atmosphere. Class apart team spirits were showcased by the participants of Street Play, Crime Run, Treasure Hunt, Roadies and Collage making whereas Individual potential was exhibited by the participants of Cosplay, Soap carving, Clay modeling, Robotics, web designing, mind games and many more. With the exception to these the fest also gave prominence to the workshops organized for theatre and Zumba.

The day one was occupied by events namely RJ hunt, Ad-mad show, Music mania, battle of bands, Solo and group dances etc and the day 2 put up with the momentum of the fest and events like Roadies, Stunts, storytelling and Ramp walk were organized in continuation. Both the nights were seized by the beats of DJ’s and students’ raving with energies and enthusiasm.
2018 have proven to be a remarkable start for the Amitians marking the birth year of the youth fest and undeniably the event was celebrated with great zeal and fervor in the university campus.

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