Readings in Mass communication

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Readings in mass communication  aims  to provide introduction to the subject of media and introduce some important aspects of mass media.  Print media, Electronic media, Advertising, PR Journalism, New Media and other important aspects are dealt with thin this book.  Those who read the book would get good idea of mass media communication and other aspects like Visual Communication and media studies also.
This book would be useful to those students and teachers of mass communication, Journalism, Visual communication, electronic media, Advertising and Public Relations.  This aims to equip introductory readers with some concepts while new readers would get to know what are the developments taking place in media and communication field.  
Those who are preparing for UGC- NET, SLET and university examinations would find this book useful. They can use this book to refresh and reinforce the knowledge they already have.  At the undergraduate level, this book would be useful director to the students in providing new knowledge and at the post graduate level, this book will aid further learning.  
This book would also be useful to PROs, Communication specialists and consultants, Information officers and Journalists Advertising executives, and others in equipping and preparing them in their jobs effectively.
The book is available online
To an Indian reader, this would reinforce what he or she already knows , this gives knowledge about media in India and other areas.  The scope of the book is not narrow but wide and would be useful to a general reader also.  This book would be useful to media personnel in AIR and Doordarshan as well as in private cable, satellite, FM and AM radio stations.    
Finally, this book would be useful to all those who are interested in Media and social process of this nation and others.This book is written by P.S. Ganeshan. 

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