70th Republic Day was celebrated in VIT Chennai

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The 70th Republic Day was celebrated on26th January 2019 at VIT Chennai. Hon’ble Mr. JusticeG.M. Akbar Ali, Former Judge,Madras High Courtwas the Chief Guest and hoisted the National Tri-color flag and took the salutein the march past presented by VIT, Chennai students in the presence of Dr.N. Sambandam,, Pro-Vice Chancellor,VIT,Chennai.

Speaking on the occasion,Hon’ble Mr. JusticeG.M. Akbar Alistated that being in VIT Chennai, in the presence of students from multifarious states across India, it is like visitingLittle India. VIT Chennai seemed to him a converging point for all students from different regions. His speech was very inspiring because it was his own real-life experience of reaching this present status of a High Court judge hailing from a small village. The reason being his mother, who had encouraged and inspired him to contribute something from his side to the constitution of India. He pointed out to students that opportunities are aplenty in our democratic republic and hence avail of these to shine well in society. Therefore, he emphasized that it is the greatest social responsibility for every one of us to rededicate ourselves to the republic constitution of this country and fulfill the parents’ wishes and dreams who are there to assure us a dignified life. He opined that we should subject ourselves to equality, fraternity and uphold secularism without being a burden to anyone.

He urged the students to choose a profession while keeping in mind their responsibility towards this greatest republic in the world and contribute to the constitution of India. The chief guest quoted the lyrics of the patriotic song VandeMataram to highlight the greatness of our people and it is the duty of every student, the future citizen of India, to solemnly resolve and uphold the social, economic, political justice as a patriotic contribution towards the greatest republic of India.

Dr.P.K.Manoharan, Additional Registrar, VIT Chennai, Dr. S. Hemamalini, Director-Student Welfare,and  Dr. V. Rajasekaran, Assistant Director-Students Welfare, all faculty members, students and staff participated in this memorable national day celebration.

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