HCAS celebrates 70th Republic Day grandly

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The Hindustan College of Arts and science Padur celebrated 70th year of Indian Republic as Dr.NShettu Principal Pachaiyappa’s College was Chief Guest as the principal Dr.S.Thirumagan and VP  Mr. Samuel Sampath Kumar staff and students participated

It started with Tamiz Thai vazhthu and as march past took place, Dr.Shettu the Chief Guest hoisted national flag.   The VP Mr.SamuelSampath Kumar delivered welcome Address.

In his address Mr.SamuelSampath Kumar said it was nice to have  Dr.Shettu as he is principal General Secretary of Association of University Teachers a syndicate member of University of madras and belong to Zoology faculty. As Mr.Sampath Kumar’s family belonged to Zoology faculty he is nice to have him as guest. 15 PhD scholars have registered under him he said.

He spoke of Ist Indian President of India, Dr.Rajendra Prasad, his contributions and challenges of India are corruption poverty in equality and quoted Dr.AbdulKalam who said if a country is to be free of this it needs families of father mother and teacher to lead  country and wished success as he ended.

Dr.Thirumagan S Principal delivered Presidential address said he is happy to have Dr.Shettu Principal of Pachaiyappa’s college as Chief Guest on 70 th Year of Repubic Day celebrations in HCAS as he is wonderful person. He saluted  two wings of NCC cadets for parade and said good of NSS. Everyone  should take part in growth of nation as he had known  Chief Guest for 20 years as Principal of Pachaiyappa’s  college.

He said the challenge before the nationis unity and said story of a King and fisherman who wanted to give big catch to king as King rewarded him with 100 gold coins. Two coins fell from his hands and as one person in King’s  assembly complained.  As  King became angry with this he recalled fisherman.  To the dismay of that person King rewarded  Fisherman again because of his answer of giving an to King illustrating unity and dr. Thirumagan said of unity in college   wishing success as he ended.Earlier  he spoke of unifying  the country ruledby 1000 kings and paid tribute to Dr.Ambedkar

Dr. N. Shettu Principal Pachaiyappa’s college in his address as Chief Guest said he  is happy to be here despite his busy schedule.  Pachaiyappa’s college produced many CMs and governors and many good things are going on there but media focus on minor student conflicts.  He is happy to be here as Chief guest as he had known Dr.Thirumagan for several years as his college also training in WUS to take part in Republic Day celebrations  He spoke of Dr.Ambedkar and his contribution to nationand  wanted  to say  two things to students. 

As  government banned cell phones students need to avoid it during education and  taking care of environment is to be done as we have abolished use of plastics.  He spoke of ill effects  of environment as global warming ozone depletion and others to drive his point of view

He  gave away certificates to winners of various competitions as cultural programme  followed. Mr.AmalLourdrajasst prof of Bio Tech department  proposed a vote of thanks thanking everyone for making this a grand success.

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