Rare surgery in a hospital near Chennai gets Kerala patient a fresh lease of life

S Vishnu Sharmaa, INN/Chennai, @infodeaofficial 

Rare  Coarctoplasty surgery performed at SRM Medical College Hospital in Chennai helped a patient from Kerala get fresh lease of life. According to sources, Sandhya (name changed), the 42 year old patient from Alleppey suffering with the condition of Coarctation of Aorta from her birth approached the hospital located in Kattankulathur near Chennai recently. 

Sources further said the patient was suffering from pain in both legs and numbness in the left arm. The patient, who is also a mother of two children The mother of two was having high blood pressure since the birth of her second child and was not able to bring it under control in spite of administering medication. She also complained of sleepless nights due to excruciating pain in the leg and left arm. It was then that she came to SRM for treatment. 

The doctors here found that her pulse was not normal and transferred her to the Cardiology department. Several investigations were conducted and Sandhya was diagnosed with Coarctation of Aorta. This is a congenital disorder, a condition present at birth. There was severe narrowing of the aorta at thoracic level, causing reduced blood supply to the lower part of the body, including both legs and High blood pressure in the upper part of the body. 

The surgery was performed by Dr. C Moorthy, Professor of Cardiology and his team consisting Dr. Sriram and Dr Gnanavelu. They corrected Sandhya’s disorder without surgery by inserting a stent (48mm X 25mm) through her thigh without any anesthesia or surgical incision.  After this procedure, Sandhya’s blood pressure reduced and the pain in her leg and arm subsided. She was discharged within three days.

Dr. Moorthy said the patient has been frequently been getting headaches because of her condition. After we diagnosed it, we were able to rectify it with a small yet complicated surgery. The entire procedure was completed in an hour’s time and the patient was able to go home in three days, he said.

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