Conveying the message through symbols

By S. Ganesh; INN, @infodeaofficial;

S. Ganesh – Senior Faculty – Electrnoic Media & Mass communication Dept, HCAS

Corporate identity or logo is an impression of a company in ink depicting symbolically so that the people get to the target clientele and get the message across company’s product effectively. 

The dog is identified with Syndicate Bank and the lamp is associated with LIC which implies loyalty and security respectively. The primary aim of corporate image is to sell goods, in the long run, however, promoting the goodwill of the company is also a significant objective of the logo.

The logos of firms such as TATA, Reliance Industries and the Birla’s have become a household name and a symbol of the virtues and the reputation of the said company. It has also helped in pushing the CSR activities of the firms effectively through such branding, thus earning the blessings of the underprivileged section of the society.

In short, corporate identities and logos help in improving one’s business and thus building a large empire and make the products of the firms much more attractive and pretty, some products such as Tylenol suffered due to bad imaging and thus suffered a huge deal.

Branding and imaging are also being done by political parties by projecting slogans such as ‘India Shining, ‘Sabke Saath Sabka Vikaas’ which helped reach the message of political parties to the masses. Actors and stars are also used by companies as brand ambassadors in promoting the firm’s image among the public, a classical example being Amitabh Bachchan and Prabhu being used by a leading jewelry to highlight their products through ad campaigns, road shows etc.

Health drink firms such as Viva, Powervita etc. use the brand value of stars such as sportsmen, power couples etc. to highlight the effectiveness of their products especially in relation to children and the youth.

The fall of socialism in Russia has helped in mass consumerism amongst the people of the world which were duly utilized by the major corporate biggies in the world and has helped in the explosion of corporate branding and imaging hitherto unknown. The ever-evolving international dynamics do play a role in in the shaping of corporate identities.

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