Industrial PR is here to stay

By- S. Ganesh, INN/Chennai, @infodeaofficial

S. Ganesh – Faculty – Electronic Media & Visual Communication, HCAS

Public Relations (PR) in the industrial sector today has become an indispensable part for the smooth running of the said industry due to the various complexities of the modern age where consumer satisfaction is the buzz word. The mushrooming of a number of PR agencies in the country is a testimony to the growing role of public relations in today’s industries.

Industrial advertising is another major game changer in the contemporary corporate set up and many companies are vying with one another for capturing the attention of the consumers in ways hitherto unknown.


Various institutes such as the Institute of Public Relations in the UK has been certifying students on PR courses by giving degrees and diplomas on PR related courses and has set a benchmark for other institutes in the world through the adoption of new media technology, media research principles and other tools. Industrial public relations build a congenial atmosphere amongst various industries and helps in building an industrial friendly climate in a country.

The job of an industrial PR executive is multifarious and includes chores such as printing press releases, keeping in touch with the business correspondents of leading journals and help in organising promo events of the concerned company. Better PR activities of a firm will help in raking in better investment opportunities for the state thus helping in the country’s economic progress.

Today many youngsters are taking up industrial PR related works and thus have a first – hand experience of how business houses are run in the country and in the long run will encourage them to start their own PR initiatives.

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