Aid India to Organize its Ninth Annual Eureka Run

S Vishnu Sharmaa, INN/Chennai, @svs037
Toys, toys, toys . They are for making children happy. What is it in toys? They are an integral part of our childhood. Days as a kid are perhaps incomplete without these toys, that is why Aid India, a non-profit organisation into working for quality learning for children in rural belt taken up the initiative to collect them.
Aid India is organizing its ninth annual Eureka Run that is aimed at providing toys to lot of children from tribal segment and marginalized children. Through this run ‘Toy Joy’ the organisation aims to kick start a large campaign of distributing toys to children who usually don’t get access to them. 
That is why the theme for the run is ‘Toy Joy’ signifying that lot needs to be done for kids who come from marginalized sections of the society. The run sponsored by CanFin Homes will take place on 24 February at 5:45 am at Elliots Beach in Chennai. We have already begun collecting toys, even on the day of the run people can come forward give the toys, says a representative of Aid India.
People can come forward and contribute through registration fee for the run. Amount raised from that will also be used to procure toys which will reach the children from the underprivileged sections. Toys are an integral part of childhood, it has a role in the overall development of a child. 
However, childhood moves towards adulthood sans toys for many children from not so fortunate sections. Intention is to ensure toys reach them, so that they can have a happy childhood, says the representative. Aid India uses the annual Eureka Run as a platform to create awareness about issues that plague the field of education and its impact on the lives of children in Tamilnadu. 
In the 1083 remote villages that it works in, Aid India aims to boost children’s confidence by building skills in spoken English, mental math and science. It’s unique Eureka Walk ‘n’ Talk English program has helped thousands of children gain the confidence to engage in simple conversations in English. For more information contact Gowri at +91 8939033833/[email protected] Registration link for the run is

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