Phase 1 Ola e-Scooter Factory Nearing Completion says CEO

Pratik Verma, INN/Hyderabad

@Tragicfonts, @Infodeaofficial

Ola, the largest industry known for its rentals cars and taxies. Now has entered into the 2-
wheeler’s market too. Due to the huge pollution and the demand for the 2-wheelers, the
company has decided to invest in electronic 2- wheeler production. Due to the rich resources
of India, the company has nearly finished its world’s largest 2-wheeler manufacturing unit in
Tamil Nadu, India. The state of Tamilnadu has now become the largest supplier of Ola
automobiles, the factory has a cover a landmass of over 500 acres which is supposed to be the
largest manufacturing unit till now with 3,000 robots, 10 assemblies lines and would generate
employment to around 10,000 people.

The plant is just going to be similar to the plant of Tesla, as its roof is also covered by solar
panels to generate its electricity to cut the cost of production and increase the profit. It is said
that the plant in its initial stage would produce only 2-wheelers and later continue with 4-
wheelers too. The production will start from June – July with a capacity of around 20lakhs
and going to increase by 1crore by the coming year 2022 and is said that at its full capacity
the factory will be able to generate a 2-wheeler/2second, which is said to be the highest
production rate of all time.
The fast production will lead to the reduction in the cost of 2-wheeler and 4- wheeler in the
market and so, everyone will be able to purchase and have the experience of the product. To
attract their customers even more the company plans to open its battery charging and
replacement units, where a person can go and exchange their drained battery and get a
charged battery at a very low cost. There are a lot of features contained by the e-scooter like,
on a full charge the scooter would be able to cover a distance of over 240kms. The Ola e-
scooter contains a digital LED display in the front of the scooter where you can connect
Bluetooth and listen to music, a 4G connectivity for navigation and a Wi-Fi enabled system
for a smooth experience.
Ola is spending around 2,400crores of its investment in the largest manufacturing factory in
Tamilnadu to produce $208billion marketing. Ola has already declared that the production
takes place in India, will be exported to worldwide market and this will also give a rise to
‘MAKE IN INDIA’ and will also fulfil the vision of ‘MAKE FOR THE WORLD’.
Ola got this idea from a start-up in the Netherlands and due to its good quality, Ola took over
this concept. The production in India is also influenced by the global report which says that
India has taken over China in the global demand of 2-wheelers by 2%.

India ,43%

China ,41%
Europian cuntories,9%America,7%
2-wheelers useage

India China Europian cuntoriesAmerica

The whole world’s 43% of 2-wheelers are only used in India followed by China 41% and then
the other countries.
This project will lead the world to less pollution. The non-renewal resource will be saved and
this might boost-up the economy a little bit.

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