Brazil suspends BHARAT biotech’s Covaxin over graft allegations

Pratik Verma, INN/Hyderabad

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Brazil has just suspended the multi-million Dollar contract for Covaxin from India. The
decision comes after the allegation of corruption between the Bolsonaro government and
Bharat Biotech. Bharat Biotech has strongly denied the allegation but the public doesn’t seem

Brazil has suspended its $ 324million contract after the allegation of irregularities against
president Jair Bolsonaro in the deal. The decision to cancel the deal was taken by the
government after the advice of the comptroller general of the union. The deal to buy 20
million doses from Bharat Biotech got into a controversy after the public suspected
corruption in the deal. The Bolsonaro government is accused of buying the vaccine at $15
while the vaccine only costs $10 per dose.
It is alleged that Bharat Biotech has sent an invoice for an advance payment of $45million
through a Singapore based company Madison Biotech, this invoice is allegedly in violation
of the contract. The higher authorities are now investigating the charges and will also prove
whether the Bharat Biotech representative has received the amount of $100 million for
facilitating the contract. The investigation started after the formal head of the Health
Ministry’s import division Ricardo Mironda claimed that there was pressure on him to clear
the COvaxin deal with India.
President Bolsonaro has rejected the charges. This matter was discussed under the guidance
of the office of the comptroller general of the union, “for convenience and opportunity we
decided to suspend the contract so that more in-depth analysis can be carried out more
investigation can carry out, on the other hand, the Ministry of Health will conduct an
administrative investigation”.
Bharat Biotech says ‘it has received all the regulatory approvals for the completion of the
vaccine deal with the Brazilian government. It says that the covaxin is priced at $15 -$20 for
the international; market. The Hyderabad based company has also denied getting any advance
payments from the Brazilian government.
The allegation of corruption in the vaccine deal is has added trouble to Bolsonaro’s
government. The Brazilian president is already facing trouble and anger from the public over
mishandling of the COVID pandemic, half a million people have already died in the country
due to the Corona Virus. Many cities across Brazil held a protest against the government on
19th July(Sat), as of 24th of June Brazil has registered up to 5,00,000 deaths. Now the
political observers see the current situation as a big threat to Bolsonaro’s government, the
alleged corruption could even lead to its downfall. There’s also a conspiracy going on that the
possibility of a Brazilian middle man can be there and some sources are even confirming that
the impeachment can take place.

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