Qualcomm to work with more than 30 companies on faster 5G variant

Mansi Khandelwal, INN/New Delhi, @infodeaofficial

Qualcomm, the world’s biggest supplier of wireless data chips for smartphones is now working on the fastest version of the internet 5G, which uses the higher frequencies called millimeter-wave by Qualcomm. Although this millimeter-wave is known by some other names as well like 5G Ultra Wideband by Verizon, similarly, the different brand carriers have their different names.

On the very last Monday, Qualcomm in Incharge said that they will be working with more than 30 companies (carriers or telecommunication gear providers) who have committed to using the new and fast 5G networking technology.

The combinations of technologies are been used to develop this latest fifth-generation network. This even uses different frequencies some higher and some lower ones like the higher frequency “millimeter wave” called by Qualcomm, and the lower frequency “sub-6” by industry insiders which travel along with a good distance with a good speed.

The latest millimeter wave technology or the fifth-generation networking technology is the solution to the network problems faced by the people living in dense areas like around famous traveling points that are situated between hills and forests, or at the sports arenas where people try to connect live on their social media networks.

Qualcomm helped to raise the standard that can make the higher frequencies or millimeter-wave devices unanimous around the world, plus it is helping the mobile companies like Apple to develop the chips for such technologies in their devices only.

But, in the case of other device brands they just have the options which are provided to them by the carrier makers or the gear makers as they have committed to work on this technology in some way or another. Some of the chipmakers are China’s Chunghwa telecom company Ltd., Germany’s Deutsche Telekom, China’s China Unicom, and Fibocom wireless Inc, plus Australia’s telestra corp.

A rival such as MediaTek Inc has the lead over these chips in millimeter wave technology, if the technology will be accepted worldwide then they will surely get great sales to boost.

At a press conference, the general manager of 5G technologies and Qualcomm’s senior vice president Durga Malladi said that there is very less establishment of millimeter-wave technologies outside the U.S and Japan, but now are expecting to see some more.

She said, “We actually haven’t seen a whole lot of millimeter wave outside U.S. and Japan, and some limited deployments in Europe and Korea so far, but that’s expanding quite rapidly,”.

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