TikTok’s India Rivals sees huge growth after Chinese app Ban

Mansi Khandelwal, INN/New Delhi, @infodeaofficial

After a Cold war between Indian and Chinese army at the Galwan Valley, the government is initiating towards taking many steps to ensure the safety of data and lives of Indians. In the way towards the same aspect the Indian government took a decision in mid-end June to ban 59 Chinese apps for Indians, as it was in rumours that China has storing the personal data of Indians through these apps.

After the ban of 59 Chinese apps, a huge growth is seen in Indian market of software. This decision of Indian government has opened the doors of success for the local software developers like Roposo, chingari, etc.

Roposo the gurugram based app was developed by IITians in  2014 and have 25 channels which showcase different items according to the interests of people, like a different channel for comedy, bhakti, women cosmetics, and also gives an opportunity to people to showcase their talent by making short videos just like Tiktok.

Roposo has said that they have registered approx of 6 million downloads in mid June and those have now increased to 22 million in just a short span of 15-20 days.

Chingari has also gained good support from Indians after the ban of 59 Chinese apps, they got more than 11 million downloads in just a small span of 22 days.

Co-founder and Chief of Product and Growth Sumit Ghosh tweeted, using the Hindi word for India “”Welcome onboard Bharat! Let’s go to 100 million users this month! 11 million in 22 days! Super Excited, “

Everything is running well after the ban of the Chinese apps, and this moment made a glory for the Indian software’s, they are developing to the sky heights but these sky heights may fall if the government after legal law verification allows the Chinese apps again.

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