Retail sector gets a boost from Millennium

The system ‘MagicBox Pro’ is a desktop android POS terminal with sleek design which can be used for multiple purposes apart from generating receipts.
S Vishnu Sharmaa, INN/Chennai, @svs037

Fully integrated POS solution unveiled

Millennium SOft-tech India unveiled an integrated POS system today with an objective of providing complete POS solution to retailers in India that can virtually automate their entire business operations.
The system ‘MagicBox Pro’ is a desktop android POS terminal with sleek design which can be used for multiple purposes apart from generating receipts. MagicBox Pro comes with 14-inch touch screen HD display and provides two options to retailers. 
One with a single front-end display and the other has extra customer (second) display screen fitted on the back side. Depending upon the size of business and needs, buyers can opt for two types of customer display screens – 7-inch and 14-inch. The second display helps
customers view billing process while paying for their service or merchandise.
It has eight-core processor which gives plenty of power. The whole system is running on Android 6.0 Operating System. The other highlight of this POS terminal is an
integrated 3-inch (80mm) high-speed thermo sensitive printer (200 mm/s) with a cutter. 
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility are the added advantages of Magic Box Pro. The compact, well
designed and rugged desktop POS touch terminal also comes with plenty of USB connectors to connect hardware devices such as external printer and barcode scanner.
The new MagicBox Pro is available with retail software application, and shop owners can easily perform GST billing, accept multiple payments, manage inventory in real time, send offers and discounts to valued customers, manage CRM and loyalty programs and generate sales reports for better business forecast and management.
MagicBox Pro is also available without customer display.
CEO and Director of Millennium Soft-tech India Bhaskar Venkatraman said MagicBox Pro is a terminal for retail businesses which want to integrate many in-store and back-end operations at the same time provide the best ever shopping experience to customers. 
This light-weighted and compactly designed POS device can be used for any retail business environment which are engaged in customer billing, order taking, invoicing, inventory control, CRM, staff management and others. 
This one single device can fulfill entire POS requirements for retailers, offering no additional expenses for retailers in terms of additional hardware components, he said. 
Established in 2002, Millennium Soft-Tech (India) Pvt Ltd has been providing Point of Sale (POS) technology products and solutions. Company is headquartered in Chennai and has branches across major cities in India.

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