Message rings loud and clear for Navy Day

Men-in-Blue are here for us all the time

S Vishnu Sharma, INN/Chennai, @svs037 

Message rang loud that no harm would come to this nation from the sea front. Men-in-Blue are always with the people of India, be it during war or peace or a calamity was also the objective that became clearly visibile during this year’s Navy Day celebration.
Entire nation could see these objectives clearly on December 4, when Indian Navy celebrates Navy Day every year. Needless to say, naval area of Tamilnadu and Pondicherry too was not an exception in that regard. Giving out the message for Navy Day this year Rear Admiral Alok Bhatnagar, flag officer commanding, Tamilnadu and Pondicherry naval area said over 90 percent of our trade being water borne, the role of Indian Navy in nation building has assumed larger proportions. 
Coupled with threats of maritime piracy and maritime terrorism, the role of the Navy has gained primacy. Indian Navy therefore endeavors to evolve and modernize continuously to be able to thwart any kind of aggression and meet emerging challenges to our maritime interests, he said.
Hence, Our force structure factors is a three dimensional Navy which includes aircraft carriers, stealth frigates, destroyers, corvettes, amphibious ships, nuclear powered submarines, conventional submarines and smaller crafts, he reminded. 
The message said before was reaffirmed when naval personnel went to National Higher Secondary School in Ramanathapuram district and conducted motivational talks there. They spoke on importance of discipline, hardwork, dedication and inspired the learners to join armed forces and be a part of nation building. 
Navy’s concern for children of this country became visible when telephone supervisor from Navy exchange N Srinivasulu went commenced a motor cycle rally on November 14 from Chennai to Vishakapatnam and back. The expedition aimed at sending the message of need to use mobile phones in a responsible manner, particularly by children.
Reiterating the commitment to service Rear Admiral Alok Bhatnagar said there was Ships based at Chennai have been actively deployed in Palk Bay to protect our National Interests and thwart any breech of the International Maritime Boundary Line. 
They have also been assisting the Tamilnadu government in preventing movement of non-bona fide personnel, smuggling of contraband items, poaching of banned marine life and search and rescue of stranded fishermen at sea. 
Indian Navy is committed to support our fishermen and ensure that they are provided with a safe environment to fish and earn their livelihood. An International Maritime Boundary Line Meeting between Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard, Sri Lankan Navy and Sri Lanka Coast Guard is held annually. The next meeting is tentatively scheduled in May 2019.
On this Navy Day, we renew our pledge to secure India’s maritime assets and further her maritime interests, wherever and whenever required, and reassure our countrymen that we will always live up to their expectations, he said.

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