“Aim is to connect the lab to the land,” says Union Minister Kiran Rijiju

INN/Chennai, @infodeaofficial

The scientists of India are very well in their work but they don’t know how to publicize their work. That’s why we see many of the research and innovation doesn’t reach the common man. Now as I have taken charge of this department, it’s in my priority list that the research and innovation of these scientists should reach to land from the lab.

Addressing an event organised by NIOT and NCCR on World Ocean Day Kiran Rijiju, union minister for Earth science said that today on the occasion of world ocean day the message is not only to keep the beaches clean but to preserve, extract and use the life of the sea.

NIOT and NCCR are working on the same objective but their work is not visible and tangible to the common man. Our aim is to make these efforts more visible and take their research and innovation from lab to land. We should showcase our achievements.

The contribution of the blue economy in our GDP is 10 % even without much effort done to this field. We need focused efforts in this field so we can contribute more. Highlighting the achievements he said we need to put in a double effort to learn from what we have done or achieved in the past.

Enrich uses with knowledge whatever is gifted to us by nature must be preserved. We should work on the technology which no-one has in the world or matches the technology which only few countries have.

The ocean is vast, we have just started understanding it. As humans it’s our duty that whatever we understand we need to pass it on to others to safeguard our sea species and minerals. Beach cleaning practice is picking up the momentum, it is our duty to keep our beaches clean and healthy, he said.

Speaking to reporters after taking part in a beach cleaning drive organised by National institute of ocean technology and National centre for coastal research at besant nagar Kiran Rijiju, union minister for Earth science said that India along with other countries in the world are working on clean ocean initiatives.

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