A positive attitude can take you to greater heights. R. Velraj

INN/Chennai, @Infodeaofficial
To reach greater heights in your life, you need to have a positive attitude. Addressing the convocation function held at the Central Institute of Petrochemical Engineering and Technology, R. Velraj, Vice Chancellor for Anna University, said that after graduation, your introduction would be to the real world. The real struggle starts now, and to sustain yourself and prove yourself successful, you should keep learning. There are many emerging technologies that are coming to market, and you should be updating yourself about them.
Now the coming trend is artificial intelligence, so my suggestion is that you all learn about this and other upcoming technologies. This can only help you survive and be successful in your field. Your responsibility is also towards your country, society, and family, so never forget that being successful in your career means you should also do something for your country, society, and family.
Speaking on this occasion, Shishir Sinha, DG, CIPET, said that after this convocation, you all will become part of the 70 thousand-plus Alumanai family of CIPET. I’m happy that 90 percent of our students have gotten placement. Society is looking at you with great expectations; now it is your turn to return what you have gotten from it. Over the period, you will become the torchbearer or ambassador of CIPET.
CIPET is known for its specialized technology as well as its specialized skill programme. Our students are very good at practical knowledge, which is why there is a huge demand for them across the globe. By providing skilled manpower, we are serving our country. On the 16th graduation day, a total of 123 students got their degrees, of which 103 are graduates and 20 are postgraduates.

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