Reaching and helping the needy

By- Sonia Devi, INN/ Bangalore, @Infodeaofficial 

Non- governmental organizations like NGOs have been playing very important role in the society. Some NGOs are working hard for the betterment of the society with initiatives like reaching and helping orphans and underprivileged women who have been facing many atrocities in underdeveloped  patriarchal societies.

Anu Das believe in fulfilling the dreams of those who doesn’t have the capability to do so. The 36 years old from Guwahati runs an NGO named “Udyogi Mahila Sangstha” which focuses on implementing gender equality and women empowerment. She has always been very conservative in her approach to shield women from the evils of the society.

In her initial days when there were no NGOs, she helped a group of women after they were abandoned by their families, left by their husbands and became widows. Anu brought them together and started teaching them ‘The art of living independently’. She runs a workshop where she teaches and empowers needy women to be self-dependent by making artificial flowers, flower vases, ornaments like earrings, necklace, and bracelets and so on to earn their livelihood by selling them. Today, Anu has transformed her small workshop into an NGO, “My message is loud and clear an that is to love yourself and never to give up in life as there is always a second chance”, she says.

Anu Das has also been actively involved in rescuing the lives of many helpless women and also work towards helping innocent lives of differently-abled and orphan children. Recently she had organized a small event where the special kids were taught to learn crafts and etc. For instance, making pencil holders, artificial flowers and other decorative goods.

On 8 th August, the NGO will organize an exhibition where these kids will get a platform to showcase their creativity. Stalls run by these special kids where they will sale their handmade products. Anu Das faced may ups and down in life and her father is her biggest inspiration. “I participated in many social initiatives to help and improve the lives of the needy. My father was always very helpful to others and till his last days, he never refused to help others”, she recalls.


Blessed with two children, Anu is thankful to almighty for having a very supporting husband who neither discouraged her nor stopped her efforts to achieve her goals. “I have a dream of opening an orphanage in the future, but because of some financial obstacles I have to wait for that day but I will do a lot of hard work until I get success. My happiness lies within the innocent smiles, whenever I help in stabilizing someone’s life and when they express their love and gratitude to me that’s the biggest gift I can ever receive”, Anu says.

With her zeal and spirit in contributing towards betterment, society needs more women like Anu Das.

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