Railway employees and customers get Rail Dhandora

S Vishnu Sharmaa, INN/Chennai, @infodeaofficial

Southern Railway remains on the forefront when it comes to doing something for its customers and employees. This has turned true once again.

The Information Technology cell of the prestigious establishment has come out with ‘Rail Dhandora’ android app that can be used by customers and employees of railways in their day to day transaction with Railways.

This is the fourth project developed by the IT cell of Southern Railway’s Commercial department. The earlier apps developed were for ‘Passenger Census,’ the ‘Rail Partner App and the Portable Ticketing System known as ‘P-UTS’ currently under trial.

General manager of Southern Railway John Thomas launched the app on 22 October in the presence of Priamvada Viswanathan, principal chief commercial manager and J Vinayan, chief commercial manager, passenger marketing of Southern Railway.

All the existing circulars and orders  pertaining to ticketing, catering and various other amenities and services including freight and parcel services are in an easy to search table database.

The entire commercial manual and commercial code are also available on the user’s fingertips. This app is available for download from Google Play Store.

This will be very useful for the TTEs on the trains since passenger fare tables can be viewed offline also. Important general forms required for passengers like concessions, etc as well as forms for employees such as Leave application forms, PF application forms, travelling allowance forms, NOC for passport and others are available in the app.

RAIL DHANDORA can be downloaded from Google Play Store link: https;//play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.org.railnet.raildhandora

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