Bihar experiencing a wave of change: Neeraj Yadav

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Indian state of Bihar is now experiencing a wave of change as per the well-known dictum which says change alone in this world is constant and nothing on this earth remains immune to this rule. Bihar too is perhaps not an exception as far as change is concerned.

Change is just a change, there is nothing like it. It has a lot of definitions and they would vary from person to person. This can sometimes be the most desired one if one is passing through troubled times. One will perhaps never think of change if they are in the laps of prosperity.

One can still say a lot about change which sometimes brings back the things of the past into our memories. Treading down the memories, one will never be able to forget the Emergency of 1975.

It would not be an easy thing to wipe out the past sometimes from our memories as they leave an impression that would last for years. Interestingly, Bihar was the state where a strong protest was recorded against Emergency, under the leadership of Jaiprakash Narayan and Karpuri Thakur. What happened in Bihar left an everlasting impression.

Time has moved ahead since then, arriving into the present, Bihar appears to be turning into a venue for a change that can have the same impression that the protest against emergency has managed to garner. Infodea spoke to Niraj Yadav, senior leader from RJD to know more.

The process of bringing the change has been initiated, he said. The times today are not different from what it was in 1975. It was a declared emergency then, but now it is an undeclared emergency. The efforts are on, Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar have visited the national capital in this regard.

They have met with leaders of local and regional parties there, said Niraj who is also the former MLA of RJD. The focus as of now would be to do stop BJP from coming to power. The question as to who would be the Prime Minister candidate from the opposition would be answered at the appropriate time.

Focus will be on uniting those forces that oppose BJP, said the senior leader. BJP and its allies in the media have been diverting the attention of the people from issues of importance, he said. BJP has lost prominence in Bihar, there are no bright prospects for them as their confidence among the people of the state has only gone down.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits Bihar either during loksabha elections or to take part in any major event. Many promises have been made, none of them have been fulfilled. This is why people in Bihar appear to have lost trust in BJP, they imposed their faith in RJD during the previous assembly elections. Youngsters seem to have more trust on Tejasvi Yadav, they are hopeful that he would do good to the state.

Senior leader said BJP forms an alliance with a political party and establishes the government, later on the attempt is made to either weaken the party or destroy it with whom they have an alliance. Punjab and Maharashtra had seen these type of attempts. Similar kind of attempt was made in Bihar, however, it did not succeed owing to timely counter strategy of Nitish Kumar.

Speaking about Electronic Voting Machines and the chances of tampering them, he said he heard many times that EVMs could be tampered. Many feel tampering of EVMs could be the reason as to why RJD could not gain votes in large numbers. He further said tampering could offer benefit in small numbers. About 200 to 250 votes could be altered, attempt to alter anything more than that could lead to apprehension.

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