UP Whistleblower surfaces, Vikas Dubey Vowed bloodbath

Yash Sapra,INN/Gwalior, @infodeaofficial

A few days ago it was traumatizing for all of us hearing that 8 policemen were killed in the Northern state of Uttar Pradesh by the Gangster named Vikas Dubey. As per the reports, Rahul Tiwari who is the citizen of Kanpur also complains against Vikas Dubey.

Vikas Dube resulting in the police raid at the Bikru on 2nd and 3rd July, surface before the media on Wednesday and revealed that he himself had gone underground for fear of retaliation from the Gangster and his henchmen.

Rahul also provided details of the incidents leading to the ambush. He also stated after registering this FIR the police came to Vikas who assaulted him mercilessly.

He also stated that first put the barrel of his rifle on my chest and was about to pull the trigger then at the same moment  SHO Chaubeypur  Vinay Tiwari walked up to the Gangster, held his sacred thread (Janeu)  in a gesture of begging and pleaded that ‘it would be a strain on the Brahmin religion that the invited someone and slay that individual’.

Rahul also further stated that the  Gangster then asked him and the SHO to consume sacred Gangaajal and asked them to swear that no action will be taken in the case and from then onwards police will not come to his village.

If the police will come there will be a bloodbath in the village he warned. who lives in Jadavpur Nivada  Village close to Bikru,  wanted to dispose of the agricultural land belonging to his in-laws at nearby Mohini Nivada village.

His sisters-in-law opposed the proposed property sale.  one of the sisters in law who lives in Bikru sought The Gangsters intervention to stop Rahul.

According to the police investigation, Rahul was threatened and beaten up publicly by Dubey for putting forth his side on July 1st. The next day he gave a return complaint to Vinay Tiwari, the then station officer of Chaubeypur.

Instead of lodging the case, the SHO went to Vikas Dubey at Bikru village on July 2 noon with Rahul, Rahul Dev was again publicly beaten by Vikas and the SHO was too mishandled for trying to pacify the Gangster.

After this, Rahul’s  FIR was lodged to the intervention of Deputy Superintendent of Police DY  SP  Devendra Mishra, who was the Bilhaur circle officer.

After bringing the matter to the knowledge of his seniors, the CO  formed a team comprising of 25 policemen,  three police station officers. For a raid on Bikru where the gangster and his men ambushed the police team,  killed eight of them and injured five including a home guard and a civilian in indiscriminate firing.

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