Female Foeticide

Yash Sapra, INN,Gwalior, @infodeaofficial

Although our country went through the British rule for a long period, this doesn’t mean that if we were getting ruled by a forward and a broad-minded country so the so we would also become like them.

Even today in our country many people are orthodox and narrow-minded that they assume themselves unlucky and misfortune if a girl child takes birth in their family.

They assume girl as a fragile and a numb who is very weak and should not feel any objection or pain whether are people are being violent to her or taking her decisions as per their own choice and personal benefits because they have always assumed girl as a playing object of no use in some of the villages the conditions are more worst.

When a girl child is born she’s either killed or put in hot milk bouquet if this is what the humanity the people are left with so better that Britishers wouldn’t have gone from this country they would have ruled our country so that law and order would remain under control and people were also somewhere scared of the Britishers to follow wrong practices.

So what’s basically the female foeticide, it is a procedure of abortion to terminate a female fetus from the womb of the mother before taking birth after sex recognition tests like an ultrasound scan. Female foeticide and even any sex recognition test is illegal in India but still, it’s been developing in many places.

Today women are performing better than men in almost each and every stream still we are killing them, one can assure that no men have the power that he can ever feel the pain faced by women while her pregnancy or while giving birth to a child no men can never feel the discomfort which is faced by a women/girl when she’s on her chumps.

A girl from the starting of her birth faces discrimination whether it’s in her family or any other place, a girl will never be praised when she scores well in her exams but a boy will get praised by his family members even if he gets passed. According to the 2011 census of India for population count in the 0-1 age group.

The report says that 18 states/UT had birth sex ratio higher than 107 implying excess males at birth and/or excess female mortalities after birth but before she reaches the age of 1, 13 states/UT had normal child sex ratios in the 0-1 age group, and 4 states /UT has birth sex ratio less than 103 implying excess females at birth and/or excess male mortalities after birth but before he reaches the age of 1.

When families choose to partake in pre-natal sex selection through illegal ultrasounds or abortions, they impart a negative spillover on society. These include increased gender disparity, a high sex ratio, lives, loss, lack of development, and abuse, and violence against women and children.

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