“Advertising”, the key to successful business set-ups

S. Ganesh, INN/Chennai, @Infodeaofficial

Advertising has become a big business tool and even governments cannot do without advertising in today’s modern world. 

It is essential to advertise to keep pace with modern day trends and developments and advertising is a force to reckon with in today’s India.  Advertising turnover exceeds 60000 core rupees and it is one of the growing industry today in USA and other advanced nations.  

It is a potent force in making sales and making consumers to buy and spend effectively as persuasive advertising has come about in a big way. Today it is a private or government enterprise it needs advertising and without which the company cannot develop in society. 

It is very essential for advertising to grow because modern societies depend and it informs uses new uses and makes mass marketing possible.  

Bad effects of advertising include false and mis leading has effect on life styles and it makes one to buy a product he cannot need do not afford etc. It has effect on prices and economics of products and advertising is growing in big leaps and bounds in today’s societies.  

Advertising and Business

There are several lakh crores  business in the country and advertising should promote these businesses effectively as it should tell where to invest and what products are available and how these are sold etc.

The major function of advertising media is to communicate product information and make it available to people. 

David Ogilvy the legendary advertising man wrote copy for a car company saying at 60 miles an hour the only sound in your car comes from electric clock and the copy is a big and many cars have been sold. 

Likewise advertising aims to increase business goals, further interests of business men in all over the world even in countries as Russia. Advertising is also a business tool and it makes clear the product  ideas and tools effectively. 

Today it is indispensable tool in modern society and countries as India and America thrive on advertising taking various products and services as already explained it makes modern and mass marketing possible in all forms and ways effectively.

It is growing

Advertising has been growing greatly and it has become essential in sale of many products and services and even government companies need advertising. 

It’s purpose is to inform uses and new uses effectively so that people buy these products and services. 

Today the world has switched to market economy and even in China and Russia  this form of economies are in vogue. Advertising is to take products to people and popularize the use of such products among them. 

The advertising works through media and take the products effectively to people so people buy and utilize  such things in their day to day lives.

Business tool

The big business of Tatas Birlas and Ambanis exceed more than 2 lakh crores and assets in billions and to keep their market position they need to advertise effectively. 

Business depend on society and society in turn depends on businesses to prosper and make money effectively and this situation has been continuing in a great way.

Advertising helps business to grow and communicate well on products ideas  and goods effectively and it is a sales communication more importantly. 

Today businesses depend on advertising and as much as advertising depends on business. This scene is continuing and trying to make competitive for everyone in market place

Today advertising is a powerful force in modern democracies and a voice of capitalism like and tell people to enjoy modern day benefits and advantages as good buildings good products and good education generally You can have advantages of modern day capitalism using advertising and it is a force to reckon with

Advertising helps to meet consumer demand by producing many products and services and it takes these products to people through communication of messages. 

Advertising is sales communication and it is a powerful tool in modern economy without which much sales cannot be achieved.

For profit

Advertising is geared for profit of modern day organizations and it increases sale of products and services effectively. 

Today’s modern capitalist society cannot exist without advertising as it is a powerful force in it. 

To run businesses and to make profit advertising is important and it is a potent force in modern society. 

Also to communicate uses and new uses of a product we would need advertising effectively. Advertising is also useful for social causes also and government uses advertising for its schemes promotion and the like.

Modern organizations use advertising to increase sales and to take products to people and it is a good method of communication today. Today advertising is in need in government and other sectors of society to promote various schemes and products

Advertising promotes consumer durables as well as perishables as Maggi Noodle of Nestle was one of the largest advertised brand. 

Reliance Nirma brand was also one of the heavily advertised brand and advertising promotes sale of goods and services easily.

American Express credit card and travelers cheques were advertised in media and attracted people

The government led by PM Modi  is using actor Vidya Balan for constructing toilets and Modi government has been popularizing various schemes and services. 

The government’s economic policy and social goals are told to people using advertising and it has been reaching large number of people. 

Digital India and other  schemes of Modi government got advertised and Congress has been using advertising to tell employment guarantee to people during the last elections. 

Private sector’s role

Private sector plays leading role in advertising and it has been advertising heavily to influence users and consumers effectively as product advertising has crossed 60000 crore rupees in India.

Private sector has been advertising heavily its consumer goods and launching massive campaigns in media on such products and services advertisements. 

Actor Prabhu has been featured in Kalyan jewelers advertisements and similar actors are found in many TV commercials.

TV advertising has emerged powerfully and more money is spent on TV advertising as many TV commercials symbolize ideology of society at a point of time. 

Prestige pressure cooker advertisement in TV carry a lady who says she is guarantee to prestige and voice over says that those who love their wives will like Prestige. 

When India and America having so much of divorces and sexual liberalism this sort of advertisement assures those who value family  values.  Miller  Beer in USA used to promote American values and American way of life in 1980s. 

Jyothika appears in a tooth paste advertisement promoting Vedas and science as well. 

One Dhoti advertisement features political leaders of past of Tamil Nadu and hence TV advertising promotes culture and values effectively.

Vijay appears in Coke advertisement and Ajith in Nescafe advertisement. 

Their seems to be ideology in movies also as  the Villan in most of Vijay films has Kukkum or a kind of graffti showing or representing Hindus as being wrong ones. 

Actor Vijayakumar who is married twice or married to actress Manjula is portrayed as a good and righteous person in movies and TV programs.

TV programs on Sun TV promotes divorces or remarriages and that kind of ideology as sponsors seem to be hand in such shows.  

This sort of ideology is prevalent in Tamil and Indian cinema  In America Hollywood cinema always have integrated African Americans with main stream and portray them as heros in many films as Police Academy

A Team and the like. Programs like Webster Different strokes are very popular and African Americans are properly presented.   

Muslims being minority in India are not getting special preference like this except some stars as Shah Rukh Khan Salman Khan and Aamir Khan Katrina Kaif act in movies and advertisements.

Muslims are represented in politics since Independence and we have had many Presidents like and Christians don’t have such representation.   This peculiar situation needs a serious study.  

BJP is more oriented to Christians and western culture being a right party than anything else and like capitalist and American ideology and like American way of life more than anything else and promotes American or Christian work ethics. Advertising is a sort of capitalist ideology in a way stressing that ethos more than anything else.

Advertising on net

Internet advertising  has grown in India and it has crossed 5000 crores turnover already and it is growing greatly. 

This form of advertising is popular in the west and it is gaining importance in India also.  

Internet is an important communication medium and internet advertising has powerful impact on audience effectively

Internet advertising has gained importance world wide  and it is important in today’s marketing scenario as marketing has become tough without it. 

With comparative advertising and persuasive sales technique gaining importance in world arena internet advertising has carved niche place in today’s marketing scenario. 

Even  government advertises on internet and it is getting important for various products and services today.

Advertising as business tool

Advertising as a business tool is important today for many business organizations and it helps business to grow effectively.  Companies as Tata group advertise heavily and Reliance’s Nirma is a heavily advertised product and that jingle is very popular.  

Private sector thrives in heavily competitive market and advertising in all forms are on to woo customers and increase businesses.

Private media promote businesses and products more effectively through advertising and product advertising is different from services advertising in our country and elsewhere.

Advertising has come about in Russia and other countries after market has been liberalized and democracy came about.

Advertising in advanced countries as the US have become more competitive and include all groups and people and it has been growing there strongly Internet advertising is an effective form of advertising influencing people more closely.

Advertising is important tool in communication of products and services and it is important in marketing communication. 

Businesses grow because of advertising and sales communication of messages and it is important tool in promoting products and services effectively.

Advertising media

There are very many media of mass communication available including film for business and it should use it effectively. 

There is above the line media and below the line media are available and media should be effective in communicating products goals and objectives. 

There are 80 thousand publications in the country with 80 million copies circulation and 500 TV channels and 150 radio stations are available in the country.

Internet has grown and there are more than 1000 films are being produced in the country. Advertising media are powerful in communicating goals of product and service  and we have TV advertising emerging powerfully.

Advertising media decisions in advertising include media buying media scheduling and media planning effectively. 

Media buying is placing media campaign in a media vehicle or a paper or TV station etc and it is scheduling and buying the space is media buying.

Media planning is deciding in which medium to advertise or how the money will be spent  effectively and there are methods as task method % method and other forms.  

Advertising  is done by clients using family background as actor prabhu is used by Kalyan jewelers. Prabhu is son of major actor Sivaji who dominated Tamil screen along with former CM MGR for nearly 25 years in 1980s.

Sivaji played character roles worshiping Swamis being portrayed as Brahmin and with good Hindu family orientation. Although twice married Prabhu is used for this reason in Kalyan jewelers advertisements. 

Govt. advertising

Government has been spending  a lot of money on advertising and it has made government popular.  

The government advertising is to grow bigger and better in many days as TNAU component of IAMWARM project had advertised as early 2008. Government communicates what it wants to say to people through advertising effective.  

Government advertising is an important tool of communication for businesses in government to grow and prosper in a market.

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