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2021 is about to arrive in a few days from now. While we are getting ready to welcome 2021, there is an enthusiasm to know how will the new year be. Infodea spoke to famous astrologer Mahesh Varma to know what is in store for all of us in 2021.

The rising Lagna is Virgo. Lagna Lord in 4th along the 12th Lord will create stability and peace. However, tensions with regards to Corona cannot be ruled out.

Moon in 11th lord will bestow good gain for all. Ketu with Venus in 3rd will create tension with neighbours. Saturn and Jupiter in the 5th house will make Indian products popular in the world.

In the year 2021 Ruling party will get a name but Mars in the 8th house will create tension in India without any specific reason. Rahu in the ninth house will create tension among people. This year rain will be good in all regions.

Metal business will be good. The business of gold and copper may see fluctuation from April to June, even silver may see some fluctuation during the same time. Share market will see moderate performance after 28 June.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu will be good performance in developing industries and enhancing foreign investment. Infrastructure development may see satisfactory progress. New roads will laid for the public. However, rainfall may be average this year.

Cyclones are likely to strike the state in November 2021. There may be some confusion in the public with regards to electing the Chief Minister. People will likely see some major changes in the political affairs in the state.

Corona (Covid 19)

The fear of corona in the mind of the public will be till April as all the major planets are in between the Rahu and Ketu, which creates Kalasarpa Dosha, so the second wave in cold weather will last but the death rate will come down.

Medicine will be available in the market from January 17 in a phased manner. There is no need to worry as Jupiter is with Saturn and they will protect all people.



Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is running Chandra dasha and Surya antardasha and this will be good for the Prime Minister.

The 9th and 10th house lords will create Dharma karmadhipati yoga which will give good name.

He will be more powerful after November as Mars dasha starts, Mars in the lagna will create ruchaka yoga which will make him a confident administrator.

Gochar Jupiter in 3rd house will create tension with his close friends and subordinates but after 26 June he will tackle this.


Amit Shah

Amit Shah
Rahu dasa is running currently and antardasa is that of Mars which will be till 21 November 2021, he will take up major reforms in the country and in administration.

He may also have to work harder because Saturn and Jupiter in the 10th house will create obstacles but after June will be good on all fronts. His health will have little trouble in March but he will recover soon.

2021Edappadi K. Palaniwami
His popularity is bound for a rise in the public as gochara guru in the 6th house with Saturn favours his dasa as a good administrator.

The competition from the opposition will be tough during the elections, however, alliance with other political parties will help him gain.


Rahul Gandhi

He is running the dasha of Mars and antardasha of Mercury till 23 September 2021 and this will create may not make decision making easy for him.

There will be some confusion with regards to decision making. Mercury in the 12th house will make his mind fickle but after this he will be good in all his work.

However, gochar Jupiter in 3rd house will have some setbacks for him. Some of his close friends will create confusion in his life.

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Kamal Hassan
He is currently running the dasha of sun. Sun is debilitated in Lagna so he will be confused in achieving his goal. Gochar Guru and Saturn in 11th will give gain and fame in public but he can’t achieve good position.

M.K. Stalin
Gochar Guru in the 6th house is along with Saturn and this will reduce opposition, all political decisions will be in his favour.

However he has to work hard to achieve his goal as Rahu in the 10th house and Ketu in the 4th house may bring down the possibilities of getting a good result in election and prospects of getting elected as Chief Minister.

There will be no satisfaction in the party’s work on account of Saturn and Jupiter in the 4th house. He may be confident of good results in the election, however, there may be no good results in the election as Rahu and Saturn are not favouring.

Mamta banerjee
Her rasi is Rishabham and Rahu in rasi will leave little scope for smooth decision making. Also dasa lord is not favouring and this will lead to confusion and subsequently lead to losing elections.

His gochar Jupiter will be favorable and will enable him to taste success in business and cinema. However, there will be some fear with regards to starting a political party as Saturn in 7th will hinder decision making in that regard.

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