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What the new Ministry of Cooperation needs to achieve

Soumya Thakur, INN/Madhya Pradesh Twitter- @soumyaT38144281, @Infodeaofficial The Ministry of Cooperation has been created by the Modi government to strengthen the cooperative movement in India by providing a separate administrative, legal, and policy framework. India...


Congress Rallies Opposition Against Ministry of Cooperation

Pratik Verma, INN/Hyderabad @Tragicfonts, @Infodeaofficial Congress and the other opposition parties are alleged the government of hijacking the constitution in the name of ministry of corporation. BJP government trying to take over the cooperative moment...


2021…Hope is for the best

INN/New Delhi, @Infodeaofficial 2021 is about to arrive in a few days from now. While we are getting ready to welcome 2021, there is an enthusiasm to know how will the new year be. Infodea...