The yogic way to success

By Vivek Prasad,

Ever since the celebration of the World Yoga Day from the past couple of years with much gusto, there has been a renewed interest in the practice of yoga by the young and the old alike and has pitchforked this ancient way of life into heights hitherto unknown.

According to medical practitioners and health experts across the country, the practice of yoga intensely even for two minutes can boost energy levels to great heights thus unleashing the hidden power within a person, ‘Even if you could practice yoga intensely for just a couple of minutes a day, you can experience immense energy levels, ‘ says David Sahayam, a yogic practitioner based at Trivandrum.

So what exactly is the secret behind this spurt in the energy level?

According to  Dr S Ramachandran, a neuro surgeon based at Ernakulam, yoga’s tremendous physiological and physiological powers may be linked  to the functioning of a particular nerve called as the vagus nerve, which gets activated through yoga.

Great, but what is this vagus nerve all about?

The Vagus nerve is the 10th cranial nerve and is one of the longest of the nervous system and is mainly responsible for the body’s unconscious functions such as breathing, blood circulation and digestion.

In the past few years millions of people from the west have been pursuing and practising yoga through community programmes and have benefited immensely.

Many health experts are now openly admitting that yoga helps manage diseases such as Coronary heart diseases, diabetes, asthma and even some forms of cancer apart from a host of mental disorders.

Cross sections of the society are of the opinion that a massive drive to inculcate yoga into the psyche of the school kids can usher in a generation of a powerful and a disease free citizens which is a prerequisite for a developed nation.

Many are also of the opinion that the various resident welfare associations dotting the length and breadth of the city landscape of the country should promote yoga based activities zealously, ‘ Many times we notice that the meetings happening the RWA’s are nothing but a mini kitty party to while away the time, high time these meetings become the springboard for unleashing yogic based activities in the neighborhood, ‘ says Nambeesan kutty a college student.

The Government of India for its part in promoting this time tested art form has launched a a mobile based app through which the masses can share their experiences in the yoga related activities.

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