The Truck Driver Song

By- INN/New Delhi, @infodeaofficial

We all have listened several tracks by DJ’s featuring landscapes, vehicles and other attractions in the music industry, but for the very first time, there’s a song portraying the life of a Truck Driver. The track named, Truck Driver Song was launched at Big Boys Lounge in Gurugram amid in the presence of song director ‘Manan Bhardwaj’, singer ‘Naveesh Sharma’ along with the female vocalist ‘Alisha Arora.’


Featured under the banner of White Coffee Records and production by Namyoho Studios, the Truck Driver Song is the debut track of Naveesh. The team shared details about the song as well as their experiences and upcoming projects. Naveesh said, “This song is about a driver who stays away from home for long time to earn. A Truck driver struggles a lot to feed his family and many times he has to skip his meals. Apart from all the problems how he manages his family and wife’s tantrums.

And how he always remembers his family but he can’t do anything as his work is the only priority for a living.” “I had a great experience working with Manan Bhardwaj who has done the music and direction. Even the entire Namyoho team shared great efforts for the same.”

Naveesh is the writer composer and singer of this song, ready to make a debut in Punjabi Music Industry with this song. Naveesh added, “I am born and brought up in Gurgaon. I have a big wish to establish myself in Punjabi music industry. Many original Punjabi songs are in queue which will fall one after another in upcoming year. My plan is to release one song in every quarter of this year. And rest all is destiny.” Whereas, on the other hand the lead female singer Alisha seemed pretty excited for her song.

The music director of the song and also a singer ‘Manan Bhardwaj’, has composed and directed songs in Bollywood too. Sharing his thoughts on the Truck Driver song he said, “This song is very subjective song based on the life of a truck driver, what he goes through all his life and still he bears the tantrums of his wife. The experience was great, this song took less than expected time to record.

Under all the circumstances, like bad weather and all we managed to shoot this song successfully. I hope people will appreciate our work. Namyoho Studio comes under the banner of White Coffee Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. And it is the only production house, which have everything from start to end, from audio to video as well as promotions. Namyoho also holds the record of producing maximum numbers of audios and videos for year 2017 & 2018.” he said and added, “We have bigger plans and we will be launching our own musical band.”

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