More than just an element, Rain is used as a narrative

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Romance and Rain go hand in hand in Bollywood cinema, but rain is not just an element to intensify romance, but also used as a narrative to add depth to the scene and it has been used to make many dramatic movie scenes impactful. Sometimes it’s the carefree dance of the character in rain or reuniting the lovers in rain, it has never failed to make the moment memorable.

Rain has served as a big storytelling device, whether employed for metaphoric effect or dramatic effect, it heightens the visual impact of a scene with a big build-up. Few scenes from movies, where the rain was used more than just an element, but as a narrative

  1. Dil Se (1998) Dil Se..: Shahrukh Khan, Manisha Koirala, Preity Zinta: Movies  & TV

    Mani Ratnam’s 1998,  Dil Se is a must mentioned film while talking about the history of rain in Bollywood. The first meet in the railway station with rain pouring down, and Amar says ‘duniya ki sabse choti prem kahani’ is often overpowered by the song ‘Chaiya Chaiya’ which is the immediate next scene. But the impact of rain not only gives you goosebumps but also makes the scene memorable.

  2. Lagaan: Once upon a time in India(2001)

    Unforgettable Rain Scenes - movies
    The movie is set up in a drought-stricken village, where the villagers challenge the Britishers to play cricket to be free from the clutches of Lagaan(taxes). The movie ends with them winning against the Britishers and the village is blessed with rain washing away their pains. The rain depicts their freedom from the Britishers as they dance to celebrate their victory. The monsoon is not only the primary character but also adds as the source of motivation

  3. Guru (2007)
    This Frame To Frame Breakdown Of Mani Ratnam's Directorial Brilliance "GURU"  Is Just Epic! - Chai Bisket

    Another Mani Ratnam film that used the rain creatively. When you think of rain, the first song that comes to your mind is ‘Barso Re’ from Guru and we always imagine ourselves dancing to that song. The famous song ‘Barso Re’ reveals the innocent, childish nature of Aishwarya as she dances carefree in the rain. It is also used to show the pivotal moment in Guru and Sujata’s story.

  4. Wake up Sid (2009)

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    This movie directed by Ayan Mukherji is a love letter to Mumbai, the city of dreams. Creatively used the rain to enhance the romantic side of the characters instead of using it as destruction. The rain becomes highly significant as Aisha and Sid reunite marking them letting go of all emotions and setting them free.

  5. Tumbbad(2018)
    amazon prime video IN on Twitter: "trivia: the movie, tumbbad was shot for  6 years. the scenes shown in city of tumbbad which gets rain throughout the  year, was shot over 4

    Tumbbad has probably used the rain as the most effective tool of aeration than any other film in the Bollywood industry. It personifies the rain itself. Right from the scene where Vinayak is growing up till the moment of his death, the downpour doesn’t leave him. As his body disintegrates into ashes the rain stops, signifying the freedom from the greed that was looming over him from the beginning.

Rains could be an extremely effective medium to convey a wide range of complex themes and ideas like romance, grief, separation, and death. Sometimes to exaggerate emotions and sometimes to conceal them. Because of how widely interpretative it can be, storytellers have used it in countless films and shows over the years, and Hindi cinema hasn’t stayed behind either.

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