Modernism has its say on life

Life changes in no time, thanks to modernization

 Faisal Maqbool, INN/J&K, @Infodeaofficial 

Modernism in today’s world has vast dominance on all  aspects of life. Life changes in no time today owing to modernization, it also moves at staggering speeds and forced to keep up with new demands. 
Society in its broader term means the whole outlook of individuals which brings positive changes in the life style of a whole community. Societal environment is needed to grow up individually in a healthy manner to enhance one’s performance in running good administration. It has to play vital role in shaping of individuals when favourable atmosphere is available for them to grow.
Thus helps in transformation of society to a larger extent. Society may be of various kinds as closed,open and ethnic types. Different societies have different outlook towards things to meeet. If we take the case of closed society,in it primitive kind of thinking is present as it is not enough modern. They have their values intact with them largely because they believe to thrive a society, individuals must have some kind of respect for the norms.
Where as,open society tend to follow western culture. They mainly are raised in single families comprising of parents and siblings. They are free and mix in whatever environment. They do not have check system to a certain extent of elders, so are modern in their outlook, thoughts. 
Ethnic societies have mixed masses of different regions,culture and traditions. Hence they usually reside on a particular tract of land which suits them because to some extent they are aliens to existing society. They do have value system to represent their identity in a society.
Modern societies offer vulnerable things to masses. In ultra modern societies, individuals are free to mix with with oppsite genders openly. It offers drinking as a recreational mode but turns ugly to degrade society.  A new trend in the modern times is to have living relationships and this takes a considerable hit on honesty mode. It in turn destroys legality of marriage institution. These societies have their own merits and demerits also.
Infact healthy society enables good character among masses. For a nation to meet growing standards, peaceful environment is necessary which is possible only when societies will develop at a good speed. It needs infrastructural support to help economy in a big way, thus contribute in nation’s welfare also. As the societies become responsible in national development by giving masses of different backgrounds,who are exceptionally intelligent to run the nation as a whole. Resultant change will be progressive culture in the nations.

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