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By- Sonia Devi, INN/ Bangalore, @Infodeaofficial 

In this era of rapid change and growth in technology, a whirlpool of engrossed activities surrounds each one of us and people have no time to look back and think once about the environment. The environment is depleting day by day and is neglected amid a false notion of greenery in and around the workplaces and sprawling IT Parks.  As people are deeply engrossed in their daily activities and problems, they hardly have time to go back into that green realm of their life and spare time to take care of nature. While it majorly seems like, there are people who are aware of the situation and sparing some time to care for nature.

Rita Devi from Assam is among those devoting time to give back to mother nature. An avid gardener, she has devoted a major part of her life into the cocoon of greenery. 

At 46, she is also a member of a local N.G.O in Guwahati called, ‘Krishnaguru Women’s Multi-Purpose Society’. “At the age of 15, the nature lover in me started to grow.

My bonding with nature was encouraged by my parents despite being busy in household chores amid financial crisis”, recalls Rita. Initially, she started to water the plants in her garden and later she started planting different varieties of plants which includes herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers. 

From the time she started, Rita has decorated her premises with more than thousand saplings with variety species of flowers.

Married to a business man and blessed with three daughters, Rita’s family supports her a lot with her idea of gardening and maintaining greenery in the locality. Every Sunday, she and her family does an activity of planting saplings of various flowers, trees, medicinal plants and vegetables.

With this wonderful initiative, Rita’s message to the society is loud and clear. “Others should also devote time amid their busy schedule and take care of the environment.

Every small step matters because if every citizen contributes even from house itself, there will be abundant greenery in the future and fresh air for the next generation and its our duty to ensure that”.    

A down-to-earth and humble woman in nature, Rita feels that in present times, people tend to loose friends for various reasons. “ I love nature very much and I feel happy all the time to take care of my plants even at times when there are no friends around me”.

Rita finds happiness sitting in her lush green garden and even talking to her plants. “I live with them and one day I will die with them as they play a very important part in my life”, she adds. A woman with a caring heart and love for the nature, Rita is probably an underrated environmentalist but her efforts can’t go unrecognized as there’s a lot people can learn from her.


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