All Mumbai Salons introduce Safety Measures against Covid-19 to Battle

Riya Yadav, INN/Gwalior, @infodeaofficial

Now that salons are allowed to be open in Mumbai, salon owners are embracing various safety measures to ensure the spaces are as safe as they can be.

During the lockdown, we have all realized the value of salons. From cutting our hair at home to painfully tweezing our eyebrows, we have miserably failed at the art of self -grooming.

Now that salons and beauty parlors have been allowed to open their gates to customers, we can put our scissors away and let the professionals take over. But, is it safe?

While it’s advisable to stay at home unless necessary, salons are following strict guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID -19 on their premises. Here’s everything you need to know about safely visiting a salon during the pandemic.

A Few Guidelines for Salons by the Government

  1. Appointment based entry only – this means you cannot just walk in when you feel like getting a spontaneous makeover. Plan and book an appointment if you need to visit a salon.
  2. Only select services are allowed- Services like Waxing, threading, haircuts, and dyeing will be made available, while skin related services like facials won’t be
  3. Masks are non -negotiable – For the Staff as well as customers.
  4. Other protective gear such as gloves and aprons to be worn at all the time by the salon teams.
  5. Tools will need to be sanitized and sterilized- this includes equipment like scissors, hairdryers, as well as chairs, etc. Disposable napkins have also been made mandatory. You can carry your towel or tissues if you feel more comfortable using those.

But salon Chains are going above and beyond these guidelines to ensure the safety of their staff as well as customers. We spoke to a few of them to find out what you can expect from your post – lockdown salon visit.

And many salons have mentioned that the new protocol reduces the direct person to person contact, eliminate sharing of products and consumables, protect the customer and expert with sanitization protocol built into the survey steps and adopt the use of protective gear and disposables to make the service experience extremely safe and comfortable.

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