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Shiva Shanmuganandam @SadaaShiv

feel-goodWithout context there’s no meaning, just words, concepts, mere jargon albeit interesting. This is becoming more and more relevant in our present age of the information super highway. When intelligence matures and lodges securely in the mind, it becomes Wisdom. Wisdom becomes integrated with life and issues out into action to bear fruit. Knowledge that does not facilitate this integration into action is useless tinsel. There are a lot of concepts out there (especially online) that we have access to these days, but they’re like little bits and pieces of something bigger.

Let us embark on a journey of discovery and wellness that will help contextualize and put things in perspective. We will look at all the ways in which we can not only feel better, but also, contribute to the life-time goal of body-mind-spirit calibration. Well, not all those ways, but just a hundred of them, a few at a time.

1. Start your morning right.

A number of research studies have found that students who eat breakfast score higher on tests. The same is true for adults too. Start the day with a healthy breakfast like high-fibre cereal or oatmeal and a glass of juice. If you’re not much of a breakfast eater, try having a “smoothy” for your morning meal-blend a banana, low-fat yogurt, and orange juice together.

New research shows eating a nutritious breakfast every morning may improve memory in healthy elderly people. –AlzheimerSupport.com

2. Cut back on caffeine.

Coffee tastes great and is safe to drink in moderation. But too much caffeine can make you irritable, upset your stomach and disturb your sleep. Ancient systems like Ayurveda point out that most diseases and disorders are a direct result of poor digestion leading to disturbed sleep which in turn affects the lifestyle and overall health. Start feeling better today by moderating your intake of coffee, caffeinated tea and soft drinks with caffeine.

Trivia: Which has more caffeine? An 8-ounce cup of brewed coffee or brewed tea? The cup of Coffee.

3. Make the most of your commute.

Use your commuting time to relax, feel good, and make the transition from home to work and back. If possible, take public transportation, use the time to read or reflect on your day. Revisit your day, think about what’s ahead, and spend time in your thoughts.

4. Get 30 minutes of exercise every day.

Make physical activity a part of your everyday routine.

Go for brisk walk. Ride a bike (Bi-cycle). Do chores around the house and in the garden. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Rake leaves. If you can’t be active for 30 minutes all at once, get at least 10 minutes of endurance activity at a time.

5. Get those endorphins going.

Health experts call endorphins “feel-good hormones. “Endorphins are naturally released by the brain that improve your mood, relieve pain, reduce stress, and produce an overall feeling of well-being (mental and physical health) and also help you sleep better. These effects can last for several hours, according to some endocrinologists. The easiest way to get your body to release endorphins is to exercise. Think of yourself as an active person.


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