SRI LANKA: The Kingdom of Ravan

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Situated on the Indian Ocean, separated by Palk Striat and Gulf of Mannar from the Indian sub-continent is Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon. It is an island filled with a rich culture, picturesque scenery, fun and loving people, delicious cuisine and many places to explore. It is a perfect gateway from the tiresome and monotonous routine. A trip to Sri Lanka only requires 5 days to explore and relax.

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Places to visit in Sri Lanka:

1.Nine Arch Bridge

Demodara Nine Arches Bridge, Ella - Timings, History, Best time to visit

Also called as the Bridge in the sky, is the most visited tourist place in Sri Lanka. What makes this bridge soo special and attractive is that, it is made up of stones, bricks and cement and not of steel. It is in the small mountain town of Ella and offers the visitors with splendid view of the lush greenery and tea fields.

2.Ravana Falls

Ravana Waterfall | Flying Ravana | Sri Lanka

Is the majestic falls on the main road to Ella. This beautiful Ravana Falls has a very interesting story behind its underlying beauty. In the myth, Ramayana, Ravan kidnaps Sita to keep revenge from Ram and Lakshan, and it is said that Sita was held captive in the cave behind this falls and Ravan created a beautiful garden of colourful flowers  surrounding the pool to please Sita. January-May is the best time to visit the falls as its foggy and dewy.

3.Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay Tourism (2021): Best of Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka - Tripadvisor

It is a south-east cost around  320 km from Colombo, Arugam Bay is a perfect place for water-sport enthusiasts. The turquoise water, with the fragrance of jasmine and obviously coconut water,makes Arugam Bay one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka. It is the best place for snorkelling and Surfing. The best time to visit is between November and March.

4.Polonnaruwa City

Ancient City of Polonnaruwa travel guidebook –must visit attractions in – Ancient City of Polonnaruwa nearby recommendation –

Once the ancient kingdom of Sri Lanka, now what is left is the ruins of palaces and shrines is a must visit places in Sri Lanka. Walking through these ruins gives one a feeling of the Golden Age and peep into Sri Lanka’s glorious past. The statue of Parakramabahu I, who rules during the golden age is worth witnessing .

5. Temple of Tooth

Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic | Kandy, Sri Lanka Attractions - Lonely Planet

Situated in Kand, Temple of Tooth is a popular tourist places in Sri Lanka, Its iconic because of the history attached to it. The legend states that after Lord Buddha was cremated following his death, his remains were distributed among the different realms for worship. Apparently of all these remains his four canines were the holiest of all.Of the four canines; the right canine was supposedly taken for worship by the King of Gods, another canine was taken by the king of the land Gandhara (an area which now is Pakistan), while the third was taken by the Nagas (snake people) who worshipped it in a golden shrine room, and the final left canine was given to the King of Kalinga in East India. But sadly he Temple of the Tooth suffered damage and had to be repaired due to various civil wars in the late 20th century

Sri Lankan Cuisine

Authentic Sri Lankan cuisine - Reviews, Photos - Aliyaa Island Restaurant & Bar - Tripadvisor

Other than the mythological past and a rich heritage, Sri Lanka is famous for its mouth-watering cuisine. These are the following food that shouldnt be missed o your trip to Sri Lanka.

1.Coconut & Honey Pancake

Sweet Coconut stuffed Crepes | Sri Lankan Pani Pol (Coconut Pancakes) - The Flavor Bender

 They are thinly cooked pancakes made of just flour and water and filled with caramelised coconut and honey, then rolled and eaten in less than 3 bites.  It is eaten for breakfast, lunch and even in dinner. It is the best go-to food.

2. Hopper

Sri Lanka Egg Hopper | Tasting Table

Hoppers are a Sri Lankan version of thin pancakes but with crispy edges. They’re shaped like a bowl and are made from fermented rice flour, coconut milk & coconut water. The batter is then fried in a very small wok and swirled around to cover the sides of the pan. ‘Egg Hoppers’ are similarly made with egg cracked into the middle as it cooks. They are served with coconut sambol and chilli paste.

3. Coconut Sambol

Coconut Sambal (Pol Sambol) | Cheap And Cheerful Cooking

Sri Lankan cuisine is incomplete with coconut and species. Coconut Sambol is simple blend of finely grated coconut, red onions, dried whole chillies, lime juice & salt. It is perfect to eat with absolutely anything or with  Bread, roti, rice, on curry and  egg hoppers .


Polos curry-The heavenly dish from Sri Lanka – FoodComa

Polos is a curry made from Jackfruit and species and coconut shreds ,a perfect blend of sweet and spicy. It is eaten with rice and parippu. It is a perfect dish for vegetarians. If they wanna experience the local cuisine of Sri Lanka.

The Current situation -COVID protocols.

Sri Lanka is open to visitors from most countries but all foreign travelers will need to acquire a visa, health insurance, and present a negative COVID-19 test result taken no longer than 92 hours before their trip.

A trip to Sri Lanka will forever remain in your hearts, but make sure to visit in the favourable season to avoid a bad trip.

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