Kerala: Unexplored tourist spots to be developed to boost tourism

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Kerala is going to be developing unexplored tourist spots to lure more tourists within the region. As per the reports, domestic tourism in the state has suffered losses of INR 33000 crore from March 2020 to December 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

 Thus, the government stated that unexplored tourist destinations are going to be identified to draw in more visitors within the region. This move comes within the wake of reviving the tourism sector.

Revealing more on this, Kerala Tourism Minister P A Mohamed Riyas stated that the tourism sector has also suffered a loss of INR 7000 crore in exchange earnings as the number of international and domestic travelers dropped drastically since 2016, especially during the pandemic period.

While attending a meeting at the panchayat level, he added that unexplored tourist spots will be identified and map them out to develop them further.

Riyas elaborated that such places, in each panchayat, would then be collated in order that they will be brought to attention.

He further added that the government was making efforts to revive domestic tourism in various districts, in order that they might be collated on an app, which may help in drawing the attention of people across the world.

The said initiative was also discussed at the press meet that was held to announce that Kerala is going to be hosting Onam celebrations virtually thanks to the COVID pandemic, wherein Kerala’s arts, culture, food, also as prominent tourist destinations would be showcased with the assistance of visual media and other means.

Five of the least discovered places to be visited post-covid


It is a beautiful hill resort with a green environment and narrow pathways nestled among the enchanting hills of Western Ghats. With small rivulets, eye-catching mountain flowers, and vibrant butterflies, this tourist destination is right to enjoy trekking. The mist-covered valleys and enormous tea estates also make Ponmudii, a rapidly developing hill resort within the state. Covered with extensive tea plantations, lush green hills and valleys, and stunning waterfalls, this hilly resort attracts many of us who like to enjoy mountain life.


Gavi, a gorgeous village located within the Pathanamthitta district is one among the unexplored tourist places in Kerala. Visiting this amazing tourist spot can be a dream come true for many nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts because of its unparalleled natural beauty. Being a neighborhood of the Ranni Reserve Forest, travelers to the present pristine resort area can enjoy a good range of unique flora and fauna. Gavi is additionally a neighborhood of the well-known Periyar Tiger Reserve. A jeep ride through the rich forest to succeed in Gavi certainly gives you an adrenaline rush due to the wonderful chances to identify several rare animal species. You will be thrilled to identify elephants, bears, sambars, barking deers, tigers, Indian Gaurs, and Nilgiri Martens. There are two Gopher trees in Gavi and interestingly, these are the sole two trees of this type in India.

Once you visit Gavi, you’ll realize that it’s one of the simplest tourist spots in South India. The destination has a cool, pleasant climate even during the summer months. This mesmerizing tourist spot got popular after the release of a Malayalam movie named ‘Ordinary’.


Vagamon is a serene and peaceful place in Kerala situated nearly 1200 meters above sea level. This is a perfect place for travelers who seek a blissful destination during this scenic state to unwind and relax far away from the hustle and bustle of town life. Many people find it an appropriate weekend getaway to spend far away from the restrictions of the busy city noises. Vagamon is blessed with fabulous green mountains, rich pine forests, and cascading waterfalls. Although it’s a gorgeous landscape and pleasant climate, it’s among the less known places in Kerala. Travelers to the present summer destination love its green environs which may be idyllic to practice meditation. People from different backgrounds and everyone age group admire the gorgeous landscapes of Vagamon.

Silent Valley National Park

Silent Valley park may be a well-known wildlife reserve within the country spread across a neighborhood of 237.52 sqr km. It is located within the northeast part of the Palakkad district in Kerala. This park is one of the prime tourist attractions in this district famous for its tropical evergreen rain forests. Rich in exotic flora and fauna, the Silent Valley National Park is among the unexplored tourist spots in the state. This park houses the rare monkey species of Lion-tailed Macaque. It also features a wide selection of other exotic wildlife including many species. It is truly a panoramic destination rich in biodiversity. Travelers can watch quite 1000 species of flowering plants during this region. Varieties of mammals, butterflies, moths, and birds also make this offbeat tourist spot unique.


Kerala is a beautiful land with plenty of tourist attractions to explore and celebrate the charm of nature. Poovar is one such superb tourist spot in the state but not many people are aware of this backwater destination. It is a stunning island paradise located nearly 27 kilometers far away from the capital city, Thiruvananthapuram. With unexplored beaches, scintillating backwaters, long expanses of glowing sand, and panoramic surroundings, it’s a gorgeous destination to explore in Kerala. Located at the entrance of Neyyar River, this tourist spot is inhabited mainly by the fishing community. Travelers to Poovar like to know the captivating culture and traditions of the local people. Poovar is an unspoiled tourist spot in Kerala with exotic flora and fauna. The swaying coconut palms, large banana groves, extensive spice farmlands, and pleasant climate make Poovar a fantastic tourist destination within the state.

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