Action taken on wrong doers

Southern Railway clarifies stand

INN/Chennai, @infodeaofficial 
Action has been taken on the commercial clerk and the contract lift operators at Taramani railway station with regards to the unfortunate event on 5 January.
Two lift operators and a commercial clerk at the station are said to have misbehaved and robbed a woman passenger at the station recently. Issuing the clarification in this regard Southern Railway sources said a complaint has been lodged in this regard.
The contractor has terminated the services of the lift operators as directed by Railways, a complaint has been lodged with Government Railway Police on these two operators also on 5 January.
The commercial clerk involved in the event has been put under suspension with effect from 6 January. The railway sources further said as per the FIR filed, legal action is being taken by the Government Railway Police against all the three involved in the unfortunate incident and Railways will ensure that the offenders are punished.
In view of the unfortunate incident, all the manning contractors employed in the division for various works in public areas of stations have been advised to submit the entire list of staff working under them, duly indicating their names, addresses and qualifications.
Contractors have been advised to go for police verification for the antecedents of all the persons engaged to execute Railway work and send a compliance report to their respective co-ordinating railway offices at the earliest.
Also the contractors have been strictly asked to ensure that all the contract employees engaged in manning activity wear their ID card which is duly countersigned by the competent authority of Railways, on their person at all times when they are on duty and not to misuse the identity cards.

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