For a Brighter you during Durga Pujo

Durga Pujo is just around the corner and here are some fashion suggestions for all my bong ladies out there. You can avoid wearing jhumka earrings with Western clothes.

Debarati Chakraborty, INN/Kolkata, @Infodeaofficial; 

Too much of junk jewellery can actually make you look like a fashion disaster so when you are going for a heavy neckpiece wear a small minimal ear stud/top and vice versa. When it comes to lip liners, it’s a must if you want your liquid lipstick to stay in proper shape and form. Before you apply these liquid matte lipsticks don’t forget to exfoliate your lips and moisturize them well with a less sticky lip balm. (Example – The body shop lip balm, Maybelline baby lips, etc).

Wearing a saree during Durga Pujo is obvious so for that entire day at pandal or during shopping, clip your saree plates with a safety pin to avoid any kind of malfunction. For your eyes, use a chilled green tea bag for 10 to 15 mins max. to get rid of those puffy and tired looking eyes. Pat your eyes dry and if you want to use eye shadows go for it or if you want to keep it basic just some eyeliner, Kohl and mascara will do the job to make your beautiful eyes look magical.  

For the face don’t forget to cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin with proper SPF as the base of your makeup. Then move ahead with foundation most preferable anti – sweat one as you really don’t want your makeup to soil off that soon while you are yet to visit many more pandals.

After foundation you can also use concealer and highlighters than set the entire make with a translucent powder, put on that favourite blush and then spray on your makeup fixer.

The footwear is important since you have to walk around a lot and you would also want to wear those heels you might adore but I would suggest wear that particular footwear that feels comfortable and does not hurt your legs much.

(Don’t forget that you have to walk a lot and there are many pandals to hop before getting home).

For the hair, give a good hot oil massage to your hair an hour before applying shampoo.  Then use a mild conditioner and while your hair is still damp, you can use a nice fizz control serum to avoid any fizz than go ahead with any hairstyle you want.

During all these pandal hopping and celebration don’t forget to hydrate yourself properly. And no alcohol doesn’t count as proper hydration so drink water and juices if possible in between. Don’t forget to get at least some hours of sleep because I bet you don’t want to act cranky due to lack of sleep when out with friends. Most importantly stay safe and fit. Celebrate the Pujos well in style and happiness. 


Happy Pujo in Advance! 

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