Fashion designing as a career

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Fashion design is the art of applying design, aesthetics, natural beauty to clothing and its accessories. It is influenced by cultural and social attitudes and varied over time and place. It is one of the fastest-growing fields with a multitude of opportunities. Naturally, a career in fashion designing is a glamorous idea. The industry is diverse with many different roles.

If you are interested in creating new things; if you love to stay around drawing, craft, art; if you love enhancing the lifestyle of the people then the design is the career field for you. Fashion designing is not just limited to knitting clothes! It includes making sketches, creating designs, plan and create clothes, accessories, and ornaments. Fashion designers have to research fashion trends. They have to give attention to the latest trends and cater to the needs of the audience.

The fashion designer should have a quality of leadership as the fashion designer has a team to lead which includes professionals like a technical designer, pattern maker, tailor, textile designer, illustrator, and dressmaker.

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To become a successful fashion designer firstly you have to choose a prominent fashion designing course, fashion designing courses are available in three main formats. There are degree, diploma, and certificate courses.

There is a wide scope of fashion designing in India as well as abroad. Students have uncountable choices in front of them after completing their professional studies. Fashion designers have various options including designing, research, clothes production, textile designing, etc. Entrepreneurship is also an excellent opportunity available in front of fashion designers.

Fashion designers are involved from concept to finish in the development and production of clothing lines. While a few designers can work their way up in the industry through on-the-job experience, these days, a bachelor’s degree is typically the minimum requirement for this position.

As a professional fashion designer, you can work in areas like designer wear production, fashion marketing, planning, and concept management. Fashion designers need a lot of experience and hence they have to work as assistants for any reputed fashion design firm in the initial phase. The design process from design concept to final production of the design takes many months. Researching current fashion trends is the first step in creating the design. The trend report is must necessary because trend reports let you know what styles, colors, and fabrics will be popular for a certain season shortly. Textile manufacturers use these trend reports to design fabrics and patterns while fashion designers begin to sketch designs. A fashion designer takes part in just about every aspect of bringing fashion to the public.

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