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To achieve productivity in today’s work life, people tend to neglect their health. And to motivate people towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Kha Manipur yoga and nature cure Association is an organization focusing on yoga, exercises for mental and physical well-being. Situated at the foothills of Machin-Manao Hills, Keirak, Kakching, near Sekmai, Manipur, the association also runs rehab center and program sessions for those who are suffering from depression and anxiety. 

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Its treatment program is a residential, multi-disciplinary therapeutic community centric, conducted by a team of a psychiatrist, physicians, psychologists, social workers, counsellors and nursing staff for a duration of 30 days. The treatments include organized inpatient or outpatient treatment programs, counselling, and self-help groups to help you resist using the  addictive drug again. They provide a full learning session of yoga where clients are prepared for mental and physical peace and tranquility which is very significant. It gives a sort of zeal and satisfaction to clients which they were cut off for a very long time.

The organization also gives counselling to the group based on their similar interest and topics which makes it easier to handle their mental crisis and to understand their problems. Individual counselling is also provided to those who are conservative and dilemmatic in nature. They strictly follow the art of living a healthy lifestyle. Daily Yoga class continues form 5.30 am to 7 am under the guidance of Yoga instructor Ms N. Prabha Devi. A light refreshment served daily consists of green tea sometimes lime juice and sprouted seeds of green gram, groundnut etc. 

The average daily Yoga attendance was 60-70 participants. Dr N. Ambrabati Devi, Dr Nilesh Singh, Dr Sarda Devi and Mrs N. Shyami Devi delivered a lecture ondifferent topics on Yoga. Kha Manipur Association also visit schools and colleges to campaign against drug addiction among youngsters. They believe such initiatives can give warning signs that may help parents, teachers, family, and friends that determine a teen has a substance abuse problem. A discussion program on the topic; School-Based Drug Abuse Prevention Initiative" was organized on September 22 2017, at United Public School, Wabagzai Laipangalba. About 85 students and teachers participated in the program. 

The central idea of this association is that “people nowadays have become victim of fatigue, an unhealthy and harmful lifestyle where they consume junk foods, eat untimely, no time for physical activities and all these affect their mental and physical health. Here we provide them with an opportunity to rejoice in their feelings and emotions through games, music, movie, television etc. Movie of their choice is shown once in a week. They are allowed to choose the movie as a sign of reorganization. Here the clients are given classes on the causes of relapse and given an opportunity to plan how to prevent it so that they can attain whole person recovery. The cause of relapse of a particular client is identified and the group helps him to overcome it in the future”.

The Kha Manipur yoga and nature cure association’s main objective is to turn the society into healthy place where no one suffers from any kind of disease. They also aim to improve self-esteem and self-worth of the addict and his or her family, heals core traumas, and learn life-skills, gain control over addictive patterns, improve the health of the body and learn stress management. Recently the chief functionary of Kha-Manipur yoga and nature cure Association, “Dr M. Rajkumar Singh received the best health center from the chief minister of Manipur on 26th of June 2018.

The association is indeed a model body working towards turning the society into a clean, poise and blissful one to live. With such people getting together and doing such noble deeds, the day is not far where each and every person will be living a less catastrophic style of living. 

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Contact No. 9862088092, 7005838524
Email Id : [email protected]

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