Varanasi can become global centre for art, music learning: PM Modi

Manjil Das, INN/Chennai
Twitter-@SGiggle29 @Infodeaofficial

In every nook of Varanasi, which has the potential to become a global study centre, art and music can be discovered, Prime Minister Narendra Modi says. Modi, speaking to a crowd during the opening of the International Cooperation and Convention Centre-Rudraksh, stated, “Kashi is the world’s oldest living city. Kashi has retained art, culture, and spirituality for ages, from Lord Shiva to Lord Buddha.”

Even now, he said: whether it “Banarasbaaj” in ‘tabla,’ “thumri,” “dahra,” “hayal,” “tappa” or “dhupad” style or “kajri” or “dhamaar” or “chaiti” or such instruments as “sarangi,” “pakhavaj’ or “shehnaai,” the art and music of every part of my banaras. He also said: “This is the style of banara.

“A lot of art forms have arisen in the Ganga ghats, knowledge have peaked and significant discussions about humanity have occurred on this earth. Banaras can thus become a huge global centre for religion, music, science, science and spirituality, “He remarked.

He said that Rudraksh will become a centre of cultural interchange in the coming days, making it the ideal venue for intellectual talks, major seminars and cultural events.

He stated the centre can accommodate 1,200 people, the auditorium, the car park and specific provisions for the “divyaang” (differently abled).

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