Our vision is to build quality infrastructure in Varanasi for coming generations: PM Modi

Manjil Das, INN/Chennai
Twitter-@SGiggle29 @Infodeaofficial

Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed information of numerous projects he would inaugurate in Varanasi ahead of his visit there on Wednesday, asserting that his government’s aim is to develop great infrastructure in the holy city for future generations.

During his visit to his parliamentary seat, Modi would lay the groundwork for a slew of development projects totalling more than Rs 1,500 crore.

He stated these developments are going to make the inhabitants of Kashi, formerly the Varanasi name and of Poorvanchal “easy to live” further.

In recent years, the Centre and UP Government have done a lot of work in the medical sector, he said, saying that a 100-bed MCH wing would be established in BHU hospital as part of this endeavour.

The Centre and the UP Government has worked extensively in the health sector in recent years, he said, noting that a hundred-bed MCH wing would be launched in BHU Hospital as part of this endeavour.

This initiative would allow residents in Kashi and nearby regions to obtain great health care quickly, he tweeted.

“Kashi’s aim is to develop great infrastructure for the generations to come. In this respect, CIPET, Jal Jeevan’s rural projects and mango and vegetables integrated packing house in Karkhiyaon would be built. In that spirit, “He stated. He said.

He said, “I’m glad that I have opened in Varanasi a Rudraksh Convention Centre. This state-of-the-art centre, which was built with Japanese aid, makes Varanasi an appealing conference location, attracting more town tourists.”

The prime minister stated that key developments in Varanasi will include multi-level Godaulia car parks, tourism Ro-Ro vessels and a three-lane flyover bridge on the road to Varanasi-Ghazipur.


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