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By S. Ganeshan, INN, Chennai, @infodeaofficial

S. Ganesh – Faculty – Electronic Media & Visual communication

Education is a force of development as modernization is very important or a requirement in today’s society.Modernization is very helpful in traditional societies as India in its reform or in improving life’s conditions effectively in passing of traditional society to newcomers especially.

As in today’s society, it tends to move families economically to more rigorous modernization, so that any person enjoys all benefits of present civilization. The dominant paradigm envisioned a rapid industrialization to a rapid education and take a rapid take off to a new world. As societies had different back grounds, the western teachings will not work or be accepted.Dr. David H Dobkin, a professor of Communication of Louisiana and Rad ford University, says that Rogers theories applied in third world countries like India an area where family planning was taught during Indira Gandhi’s regime. More models of locals are applied as western development was indigenized into local situations or contexts or more eastern models are being used.


Entertainment is important but it needs to meet contemporary social standards of family values because it is important in a society, as in Amitabh Bachman movie where a family oriented fought evil forces in the society is one example. Kamala Hasan movies are sexy and modern which introduces concepts of homosexuality theme in a modern society but its not accepted just yet. Vijayakanth movies are a good ones and a real entertainment because he speaks about Chili Chicken of Taj Hotel and some other famous variety of foods or doctors charging patients more for their treatment or studying from a dead body for further knowledge.


Modernization or westernization had brought about lots of changes in society like some popular culture. The 1960s saw Vietnam war people resentment in campuses as Burkeley on war and blue jeans gone with it. The fact that poor people enjoys more income and comfortable life that have brought sexual revolutions during that time in private oriented America. Modernization has made education popular and more relevant to everyone in a Christian country as America.Although independence free from domination, good income and free from harsh work wasn’t been a reality.


Many products or consumer’s goods available in the market than before but superstitions or caste beliefs hurt many Christians as well as Hindus. There is still a notion of ghost coming out despite of the modernization in today’s society.In India or USA there is a belief that people who died or spirits still exist in this world as some sort of behavior of a person’s condition because of spirits or fear that exist. Rogers take on modernization, dominant paradigm or westernization has this hurdle as education entertainment had a problem on this account to individual. The belief that our present life is based on our deeds in the past life and our behavior or entertainment in relation to others would have bind on the future life.


Westernization, modernization and education brought new comforts to people in many ways as modern technology is very important nowadays. Modern American’s TV dramas and movies are glamorous which promote affluent lifestyle in a larger measure along material comforts as The Protector, A Team, Different Strokes, Webster Houston that lends credence to people’s achievements or manpower or technical prowess and etc. Horror movies as Omen, Exorcist, Shining creates a belief in God or swami’s or supernatural beings governing destiny of people beyond ideologies that had related during 1980s in famous theaters of Chennai.  Many movies conveyed beliefs, good triumphs which ended up as evil or darkness that fades as fast as it came as there is a good end to everyone’s lives as in MGR Vijayakanth movies effectively.  There is a moral taught in all such as movies when a man succeed in a right way using swami or God pulpit to shape his own destiny respectively according to his choice or what he was supposedly destined for.


Modernization or westernization is not in tune, it is more mundane reflecting trends of time period.It reflects people’s will to become urbanized or westernized and more educated, fashionable and all that. Contemporary movies never reflect as many bad things happen to many bad people or most people.T here is something beyond human abilities that might test or decide human lives in many times. There are some times particular instances as Tsunamis or earthquakes or accidents destroying lives because of some definite and unavoidable reasons and circumstances.


PM Modi’s success in Gujarat election reveals what people sees in him as aperson contributing to the development of all. Although earthquake ravaged this stateduring AB Vajpayee’s PM tenure, many developmental works will go in right direction and even today. One Gujarat shop keeper in Chennai who lost his aunt in Rajkot reveals thatGujarat model is really important. Gujarat has roads or buildings in Rajkot in a moderate proportionalthough not fully developed but like movies like anything its awaiting for its full development. As Daniel Lernersays, movies are modernizing forces,with the right film studies, courses are more in the west like

every other place may be reflecting modern material culture something like ideology or such thing. Although domestic violence breaks out in the US or India on account of movies or seeing bad pictures, this seems to norm or work ethic in India or other countries like the US. Movies are modernizing in some ways as caste eradication women’s empowerment or pride of education are eulogized or spoke high off. This trend is continuing especially in this part of the world and more for some time to say the least.

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