Pet grooming as a growing career in India

Dharshana Kathiresan, INN/Chennai, @infodeaofficical

Animal lovers can be more invested in buying designer clothes for their pets, taking them to the spa, getting a haircut for them, and other pet-related services. The Pet industry is one of the growing markets in our country.

Experts have noted that in India it is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 20% in the next 3 years. All this has indeed created a valuable career opportunity for pet groomers.

Pet companions are adored in the world (especially, dogs and cats). People who are fond of animals are apt for this job. They get to style the pets, improve the overall experience for them, and whatnot. Thus if you are looking for a career where you want to enjoy what you do, this is a perfect one.

Rise in pet grooming services

The modern lifestyle has elevated various stressful aspects among people. With their fast-moving lives, people do not have time for bathing their dog and it’s easy for them to opt for such services.

Pet groomers put good skills in taking care of the pet in exchange for money. They also have several additional packages that seem appealing to the customers. They can constantly take care of pets even while the owners are away.

Even though initial investments for establishing pet salons might be high, the annual turnovers could provide a good deal of profit. In order to survive in this business, it’s important to possess natural love and affection towards animals as that helps you to understand and nurture them.

The people of this work should also understand the fact that each pet animal requires a different grooming standard. Emotional investment is quite high in this business.  

Educational Background

In our country, there are a few institutes that provide vocational training in this field. You can also find online courses related to pet grooming and train yourself. Companion Animal Services, Animal Studies, Pet Grooming, and Pet Styling are a few of the courses offered.

You can also consider doing a course in Business Management – Finance or Marketing – as that can help in leading your pet salon someday. It will equip you with skills which are required for running a company. 

If one has undergone professional training, the chances of them getting recognized are more than that of the others. Professionals are good at understanding the spa and salon treatments suitable for each breed, the products used for hairstyles, etc. 

A qualified pet groomer can also engage in conducting classes for amateurs and training them.

Metro Cities

Metro cities are a huge way to access customers in this field. It’s mandatory for beginners to research their venue of work in terms of pet-owner landscape, availability of breeds, accessible location, profit margin, and investments, etc. Cities do act as a major advantage for these groomers. 

They can also make use of social media to reach out to customers and progress their business. Their grooming center can be made approachable via these platforms.

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