JOB opportunity :- hiring Creative Producer in Mumbai.


We are looking for a self driven individual who enjoys ideating and developing content that makes engaging viewing. The role holder will be be working on creative development projects, while tapping into the entire content ecosystem across production houses, talent, individual writers, producers and various internal stakeholders to be able to conceptualise and bring to life impactful project, while ensuring our creative quality and vision are met.

Key Responsibilities

  • To identify and create content through various sources and mediums.
  • To identify the right writer/director for the shortlisted content and reach out to them and attach them to the project.
  • To develop each concept and work closely with the talent to develop a top-quality script.
  • To reach out to talent across the country for projects in various stages of development and production.
  • Once a script is approved, to put together the entire project with the right talent. Cast, HOD’s, crew.
  • To overlook all aspects of the project from budget to pre-production to make sure quality is being maintained.
  • To work with director to make sure that the creative vision is mutual and achieved.
  • To closely be involved in and creatively supervise the filming of the project to maintain creative quality and the mutually decided vision.
  • To also supervise the postproduction and make sure timelines and quality are met.
  • To work closely with the EP to make sure the budget is in control, without compromising on the quality of the film.
  • To work closely with commercials, legal and marketing teams on all projects.
  • To work on creating good collaborations with different talent to nurture long term relationships.
  • To keep a look out for all promising new talent across industries that we can tap into and nurture.


  • 7-9 years’ experience

Performance Measures

  • Business targets tied to the performance of the films being handled
  • Media campaign execution and performance
  • Brand building for Disney films in India

Knowledge and Skills

  • Detail oriented with the ability to maintain professionalism under pressure
  • Outstanding communication skills, both written and verbal, to ensure successful interaction with senior executives, business unit contacts, and key external partners
  • Excellent organizational, analytical, and problem-solving skills with the ability to work on many projects simultaneously
  • Fair amount of previous Practical/Studio knowledge
  • Reviewing VFX/GFX

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