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By S.Ganesh, @infodeaofficial, INN Chennai;


S. Ganesh – Guest Faculty – Journalism & communication

The move of Telangana Government to host global entrepreneur forum hosting captains from the business, industries and commerce sectors from across the world is a welcome measure to boost foreign investment in India even as  as PM Modi, Telengana CM Chandrasekara Rao and  Ivanka Trump daughter of President Trump have actively called for better foreign investment in india.  

India needs entrepreneurs or business magnates to provide jobs, and enhance the Indian economy and for this, not just the governments but also the private sector should play an active role in it, many home grown hotel managements firms have played an active role in boosting job opportunites and one of the classic example of a home grown private hotel management firm is Amrita Hotel Management school based in Chennai which in a short span of time have spawned into a huge enterprise.

Such initiatives have come as a perfect reply to politicians such as Rahul Gandhi who have lamented about the lack of home grown entrepreneurs.Programes such as global entrepreneur summits should evolve carefully, make the right moves, take right decisions to help small or medium businesses work better .

The union Finance Minister Arun Jaitly has asked the automobile giants of India  to invest in electric vehicles and asked other industry captains to enhance urban sanitation drinking water facilities.  The participation of hostile nations such as Pakidtan is a welcome move in such summits as it promotes better foreign relations.

Entrepreneurship is all about building institutions for job creations directly and indirectly and eminent business tycoons such as renowned scientists such as Dhirubhai Ambani have played vital roles in building a spirit of entrepreneurships in India.

The thrust of the Indian Prime Minister Modi’s push for a digital and a cashless economy is one of the most daring attempts attempted so far and deserves praise and his tireless efforts to encourage the socially marginalised sections to become entrepreneurs is even more praiseworthy and in this venture he has the full support of the captains of the Indian industry.

The new age entrepreneurs emerging in India from all walks of the society should know the nitty gritties of tapping into the consumerist tendencies of the masses and should come out with innovative solutions to address their needs and help the Indian economy in coming out with flying colors.

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